Exomotive Exocet: The Ariel Atom american and economic base Mazda MX-5


Exomotive Exocet, the Mitaa carried to its extremes.

Exomotive is a curious company that is dedicated to the transformations and kit cars, although it has a catalog very special. With headquarters near Atlanta, Georgia, offers several models of its own design and even a replica of the iconic Aston Martin DBR1, always with a base Mazda MX-5.

Their most popular model is the Exocet, a two-seater that happens to be a Mazda Miata completely gutted, which virtually does not recognize anything. The method is simple, starting with an MX-5 of the first or second generation, of Exomotive what destripan completely up to leaving only the trains rolling and the mechanical, adding a tubular frame that called exoskeleton.

The result is very similar to the Ariel Atom, although with a much lower price, since it is available from $ 7,000 in the form of a kit to assemble yourself – in addition to the Miata donor – in addition, make sure that it is very simple to assemble, because according to what is stated on its website, has been designed to be mounted by even the most novice.


The Exocet can accommodate various engines.

unlike the Atom this leads the engine in the front, and is available in several versions mechanical. Can be used from the engines of 1.6 and 1.8 liters of the MX-5 generations NA and NB, up to kits supercharger from Flyin’ Miata or even V8 engines. So that the customer can design your new sports nearly as.

The result is spectacular, making down the weight of the Miata original even more. According to the brand, the Exocet may have a weight between 635 and 725 kilos, so that it is easy to imagine behavior much more sharp than that of the roadster donor.


Also have available a trike reverse, that is to say, a model of two wheels in front and one in back, this is where we find the mechanics, source Suzuki Burgman. 385 c. c., and a weight of 209 pounds, the 32 CV are enough to move this small car car with steering wheel in place of handlebars moto.



Replica of the iconic Aston Martin DBR1.

Exomotive, it also sells the Replicate, and also with a base MX-5 but with a body that mimics the lines of the classic iconic Aston Martin DBR1. The options are lower than the Exocet, but it also has a specification very eye-catching.

you Can mount the 4-cylinder engines of the MX-5 NA or NB and has a range of powers between 100 and 250 HP, for a weight of only 780 kilograms.

The model can be customized to the customer’s taste and the design of the
body is very striking, although the company prefers not to mention the
brand Aston Martin in no time, so that we do not find that
name in your web.