Experience 360º: the Formula E to the rallies

The videos of 360 ° are colonising the network and the world of motor sport is taking advantage of this technology to give fans a new point of view. Example of this are the two videos that we bring you today. The first shows the output of the ePrix in Beijing, the first test of the ‘Season Two’ of the Formula E. The second video is of an experiment carried out by Subaru Rally Team USA thanks to through a good number of cameras installed in the Subaru Impreza WRX STI of David Higgins. In both cases fasten your seat belt and enjoy the experience.

by way of brief summary, the first video shows the output of the ePrix in Beijing from the race car of Stéphane Sarrazin. The French rider started in the sixth position at the controls of the car Venturi. Although the quality is not the best, can be perfectly appreciated the little space that there is in an output of Formula E. In fact, the past of braking and the friction are almost featureless during the first few curves, although without doubt we are left with the overtaking that engaging Loïc Duval on the outside in the second curve. Seen like this appears to be another thing.

In the second video, we pass the city circuits to a stretch of land. The protagonist is David Higgins at the wheel of the Subaru Impreza Subaru Rally Team USA. The team has searched the way of approach the feelings that there are in a stretch and it is certain that what has been achieved. Although the composition of the chambers is not noticeable, thanks to the game of the same can be seen in the same shot, the work of a pilot with the hand brake, shift and steering wheel, to the couple to see the stretch as in a camera on board. What a close pass by the trees for a few moments!

you Already know, move the mouse and enjoy