Explosive cocktail italo-japanese: the Toyota GT 86 is flavoured with the V8 engine of a Ferrari 458 Italia

Ryan Tuerck is one of the drivers of drifting’s most famous planet. We have already seen in all kinds of situations, which usually involve your Toyota GT 86 hipervitaminado – that led through the center of Manhattan, without going any further – or even vans Nissan. One of the personal projects of Ryan Tuerck has just been unveiled to the world. The swap of engine final. A heart transplant: the V8 of 4.5 liters and 570 HP of a Ferrari 458 Italia, under the hood of a Toyota GT 86. Does the cocktail perfect?

Adapt to front position of an engine designed for a use in a central position-at the back is a great technical challenge.

This idea of explosive has been revealed in a video recorded by Donut Media, which has also recorded his adventures with a van from Nissan and videos of the most interesting thing about automobile mythical. Usually engine swaps for drifting usually involve motors american high class: for drifting you need a lot of torque and on many occasions the fastest way and cheapest way is a V8 source General Motors. These engines are offered in new catalog, at prices that rarely exceed $ 4,000.

The more purists are turning to the empowerment of extreme series engines, or do the swap blocks RB26DETT or SR20DET. Interestingly, the blocks Nissan are very popular for drifting. Transplanting a Ferrari engine in a Toyota GT 86 is a challenge more considerable. In the first place, because it is an engine designed to be mounted in a central position-to-back, and not in front position. In the second place, because the engine speaks Italian and you must communicate with the rest of the car, whose electronic speak japanese.

you Will need an installation of the ad-hoc, with all security. Another problem to be solved is the transmission. What will preserve the unity of double clutch of the Ferrari? Or do you use a better manual box? It is clear that the purpose of the car is drifting, so that it is sure to the undercarriage of the car must be extensively modified. Be that as it may, the result promises to be explosive.