Extended video of the Gymkhana of Ken Block in London for Top Gear

Hoonicorn V2 Ken Block

The british programme Top Gear left an orphan after the departure of the programme, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. The BBC sought out substitutes, and the truth is that the curriculum of the new presenters was not for anything bad, but they had virtually impossible to match the trio skull usual-which for several years had been given so much “prestige” to the program. The results of the program, in comparison with the last seasons of Clarkson, May and Hammond, are being quite negative.

In search of regain that identity I had given the trio above, Top Gear featured the famous pilot of the WRC, and the protagonist of countless Gymkhanas at the controls of their vehicles, Ken Block. The pilot held a Gymkhana more, but this time with the streets of London as a stage, using as copilot of his Hoonicorn Mustang Matt LeBlanc, current presenter of Top Gear and better known as Joey for his role in the legendary series Friends.

The programme had issued some scenes of this Gymkhana through the streets of the capital, but now has issued the complete, extended version, we could say. Neither more nor less that 10 minutes of sliding leaving engraving on the asphalt in the footsteps of their tires, flares for leaks, as well as a comical performance of Matt LeBlanc sitting in the armchair right.

In these 10 minutes we can see as the Block unfolds with his Hoonicorn Mustang through the streets most iconic of the city, historic monuments and even in the very Royal Palace of the Queen of England. One of the shots most striking takes place in a station goods train, where Block shows all his expertise behind the wheel of your beast prepared, passing between train and truck at full speed and, as is usual in him totally sideways. 10 minutes worth investing if you, like us, alucinas with the maneuvers of the famous pilot.

Source – Top Gear