Extreme rarity: One of only 4 Shelby GT350 convertible 1966 for sale


Only 4 were commissioned by Ford.

The history of the Shelby GT350 is very well documented, and in Engine.is we have voiced on more than one occasion. Version sports and most radical of the Mustang created for the competition, his first 200 copies were practically racing vehicles with registration, hence that the fans have named these specimens as a GT350 R.

After the success sought in competition, the following GT350 were duly dulcificados, adapted to the client on foot, and not to the drivers and teams in private that were made with the first units. These models, which were equipped with the same mechanics and simply were smoothed frame, have become an icon and are a prominent part of the history of the Mustang.

however, the Shelby GT350 was only available officially in the coupe version, for the exemplary red that we are dealing with is an extreme rarity.


Mechanically they are identical to the GT350 fastback 1966.

In 1966, Ford commissioned Shelby to manufacture four prototypes with bodywork convertible. With the sole purpose of testing if the variant open was able to digest the power and the hardness of the frame of the GT350.

These 4 prototypes are therefore of the rarest of all the initial production model, which led to the manufacture in 1966 for a total 2,3,7,8-units, including prototypes and 1.003 copies commissioned by the rental company Hertz, which ultimately were to become the GT350H.

The 4 copies were manufactured in 4 different colors, blue, red, green, and yellow. This of course is the only red example, and from what we can see, is in a state of magnificent. These 4 specimens were born as prototypes to test in order to test the possibility of a future Shelby GT350 convertible model 1967, with the redesign that received the range Mustang at that time.


This was the only copy that ended up in the hands of a particular 1966.

therefore, these prototypes were not available to the public, although this issue soon ended up in the hands of a particular client. Carroll Shelby was that he knew how to preserve his private garage, as it demonstrates that the first drive in the Cobra continued under their ownership until the day of his death, so that the buyer of this copy in Candy Apple Red was not a customer either.

Its first owner was Robert Castle Schoen, better known by his stage name, , Bob Shane, of the musical group The Kingston Trio. This was already a regular customer of the shop of Carroll Shelby and had two of the Cobra, the original that had the opportunity to create friendship with Shelby. On one occasion, Shane suggested that if I had a GT350 convertible he would buy it, and a few months later, received a call announcing that he had available and ready for a GT350 convertible for the.

The exemplary number of frame SFM6S2377, had the same specifications and items alternative closed, and the only difference is precisely the open body with sunroof canvas. Shane picked up the new GT350 convertible in July of 1966, the dealership Shelby of San Francisco. Initially, this was the only one of the four prototypes that was sold originally to a customer, since the other three were intended for testing.


His first owner returned him a month later to pick it up.

The life of this Mustang red with Shane was short-lived as with only 6.100 miles travelled, Shane suffered a minor accident with the, when he let a friend try it on a short trip. After the coup, Shane lost interest in the vehicle and returned it to Shelby, just a month after it is collected, who repaired it and sent it to the dealer Hi-Performance Motors in El Segundo, California, co-owned by the same Carroll Shelby.

Since then, the red GT350 convertible has gone through a few hands, and some repair reduced aesthetic, and between 2009 and 2010 underwent a thorough and exhaustive restoration, in the workshop Worldwide Muscle Cars, where it went in the state competition that is now displayed.

The GT350 convertible account with the streaming option more desirable, the manual gearbox is of four speeds, and mechanically it is indistinguishable from the GT350 fastback standard. With the engine Ford High-Performance V8 289 4.7 liters and 310 HP (306 hp).


for sale without reserve, is expected to exceed one million dollars.

Their extreme rarity and their great state have led to their higher estimates will auguren a price among the 800,000 and $ 1,100,000, although what is more amazing, is that your seller has accepted offer it without reservation. That is to say, that it will reach the price which you reach, will change hands in the next month of January 2017 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

that does not mean that it achieves be sold for a low price, on the contrary, a good insurance the label “without reservation” will attract and encourage the multiple collectors of the model in north America.