Eye, because the engine 3.0 TDI, Volkswagen also has a defeat device, says the EPA

Motores 3.0 TDI Volkswagen emisiones flaseadasit Is evident that when it jumps the hare and the information and the need to know more you can generate confusion. But the , EPA has spoken, and it is a body that takes the job very seriously. After a first part of the scandal of the TDI engines of the group Volkswagen, known as Dieselgate, now comes a second, more bloody, if possible: engine 3.0 TDI are also affected and contain an defeat device that falsifies emissions in type approval.

The Volkswagen group seemed already to have undertaken a regeneration after shooting multitude of heads from the beginning of its crisis, but is now approaching another squall with their mechanical diesel. It has happened again, and in this case the brands affected are Volkswagen, Audi and… Porsche.

Motores 3.0 TDI Volkswagen emisiones flaseadasthe First time that the Dieselgate affects Porsche, logical on the other hand, because it uses the block 3.0 TDI between their mechanical diesel. The affected models according to the EPA would be the Audi A6 2016, Audi A7 2016, Audi Q5 2016, Audi A8 2016, Volkswagen Touareg 2014 and Porsche Cayenne 2015. All of them with the mentioned engine 3.0 TDI.

the problem is The same that has punctured the balloon of a TDI four-cylinder, a device defeat device capable of managing the operation of the engine according to if you are in a cycle of approval or not, and, in consequence, able to falsify the emissions. According to the EPA, have been registered NOx emissions 6 times higher what is allowed.

Motores 3.0 TDI Volkswagen emisiones flaseadasThis new stage in the Dieselgate, as strange as it may seem, is a blow even more hard for the group in the american market. Do not forget that the 3.0 TDI is assembled in high-end cars, a market where on every Audi, the most affected, compete against Mercedes and BMW. The new loss of trust could reduce sales in a market where the Volkswagen group not yet master.

defeat device engine 3.0 TDI is one more chapter that now requires a new response on the part of the brand. Until now with the TDI engines of four cylinders, the group recognized the deception and was already on his way to offer solutions. Again faces a scandal that, if true, would force him to lose even more money in fines, calls to review and, in the longer term, the loss of confidence.

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