F1 2016: McLaren-Honda aim to the Q3, Ferrari the number 1

Sergio Marchionnesometimes it is better to sin of false modesty that to be arrogant, because the fall is harder the more up you your expectations. The season 2015 has ended with Mercedes very strong, followed by Ferrari. No doubt Maranello have taken a huge step forward compared to 2014, achieving podiums and wins when Mercedes was not there. But let’s not forget that the team to beat continues to be Mercedes and it seems to have more to give in 2016.

despite the fact that from Ferrari, Marco Mattiacci stated that it needed at least 3 years for Ferrari return succeed (assuming that there is stability in the section on technical standards), now Sergio Marchionne and Maurizio Arrivabene are aiming very high, and they want to be the win in the GP of Australia, 2016 to get dominate from the first race. This is to say too much, even more when the concept, 2016 will take as a base the 2015, but that the design will change thanks to James Allison and the front suspension will be push-rod and abandon the pull-rod.

Ron Dennis y Arai And what of this optimism? It seems that Ferrari has in mind something more than the F1, specifically the bag. Ferrari has gone public and create high expectations before stepping on the track can be a movement of Marchionne to improve the results in the parquet. It is a strategy that is not new, the use many companies that are present in the bag to try to attract investors, although the results may not be expected, but have already managed to put your money. But I wonder and if not, do you trust the next time in the declarations of Ferrari?

on the other hand, McLaren-Honda’s ruled out beating Mercedes and put it as real objective is to get into Q3. Arai believes that Mercedes is still very far away, but “Everyone, not just me, we hope to be in a better position. The first step is to get to Q3. […] We need time to see how the improvements and establish the reliability of the motor“. Many teams will improve between 0.5 and 1 second with regard to 2015, how much will improve McLaren-Honda with his MP4-31 if they are able to unlock those 2 seconds, and the peak that they have voided? How much will improve the project 667 Ferrari?

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