F1 2018: all dates of presentations of new cars

Impatient we are all fans of the category queen, waiting to see all the questions about the cars that will be featuring throughout this month each of the 10 teams that will participate in the season F1 2018. We already know some interesting details, like that the cars will not be revolutions, but evolutions of the last season, but that’s not to say that there are no interesting news, or that some engineer or aerodinamista is taken from the sleeve of any device or solution to an unconventional and controversial, especially thinking of the halo.

halo brings the head to the engineers so harmful that is to the aerodynamics, especially affects the downforce of the rear spoiler, because that “destroys” the laminar flow that goes back and can bring problems, besides being able to affect the air going into the airbox and that could impair the performance of the engine. But if that seems to you little, your structure of titanium and carbon fiber weighs quite a bit, about 7kg which adds, in addition to the structures that have to implement in the monocasmo to withstand the tests that they do on this new element of security…

Possibly in the halo where we see more differences between some teams and others, since engineers are paying special attention to include solutions for aerodynamic to minimize the damage so great that it generates this round tube to the air flow, so we will look at profiles or fins on this item. On the other hand, we expect to see if the teams decide to paint the halo to do it aesthetic or leave it unpainted to save weight, and even if we see any logo of a sponsor in this other area… What is heaven is that the aesthetic change of greater depth is expected from McLaren, whose rumors point to an orange in the style of the car of the Indy.

Already only missing a few weeks for them to start the first test, since the 26th of February will start at the circuit of Montmeló, the first batch of the 8 days that dispurarán before the start of the season at the Australian GP. Of course as they show the cars go by our own technical analysis in AM to see all the news and secrets of each one of the cars. While we wait, I’ll leave the dates of the presentations so you don’t miss any:

#8211; #8211;
Team Car filing Date
Ferrari 22 February
Mercedes W09 22 February
Red Bull RB14 February 19
Force India 25 February
Williams FW41 February 15
Renault RS18 February 20
Toro Rosso STR13 25 February
Haas VF-18 February 26
McLaren MCL33 February 23
Alfa Romeo Sauber February 20

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