F1 fears lack of overtaking in 2017


Tires and cars wider, aerodynamic more radical. Formula 1 is heading towards a future technical complex that will open in 2017. Although this policy change seeks to promote the show and do a ‘pull effect’ to the fans and viewers, what is certain is that the changes that are on the table can cause side effects. So believe James Allison and Pat Symonds. Both are worried because the new cars will be able to limit the overtaking. We must find a balance between one category fast, but that also allows for maneuvers that are featured in the track. And there can be the problem.

we Were asked to hire more aggressive, faster, and more hard drive physically because the G-forces will be greater in the fast corners” explains James Allison on ESPN. “I Think that the new rules will give these three things, but we need to make sure that we maintain the level of overtaking more or less as until now, or at least to a level that is deemed correct”. Allison believes that: The degradation and correct adjustment of the size of the DRS are the mechanisms for which an overtaking will be possible always and when you take value and the pilot does a good job”.

The Technical Director of Williams, Pat Symonds, raises the same issue, although it does so in terms much more direct: “The more grip aerodynamic to have the car, the more difficult it will be to follow the front. In 2017 we will have more grip aerodynamic, so that regardless of the quirks and shortcuts that the Working Group can be found in against of a true scientific process, the fact is that with the most grip aerodynamic is more difficult to overtake. It may be a little simplistic, but it’s the truth. For his part, Paul Hembery expects not to take the wrong decision and find a new problem.