F1 live: Pole GP of Mexico. ¡¡ONLINE!!

The 2,200 meters elevation above the sea level and the colder temperatures have resulted in a challenge unusual for the pilots of Formula 1 on your arrival at Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, and although the free practice sessions have not brought to Mercedes of the first positions, the arrows to silver have only managed to lead the first session. In the absence of his usual push to the moment of truth, Ferrari and Red Bull have been shown as rivals nearby, leading Sebastian Vettel the free seconds and Max Verstappen the third parties. But they are not the only ones. In the absence of check their effective management of the tyres, Force India and Williams have increased their competitiveness and will look for any mistake to assault a position in the first three lines.

Although with a profile more discreet than in the united States, both Fernando Alonso as Carlos Sainz seem to maintain the competitiveness necessary to try to aspire to the points. The Q3 looks like a company is more complicated, in particular for a Alonso who has already qualified difficult that possibility by the mileage of your engine. Something relevant in a path of the short row (the pole will come down of 1 minute and 20 seconds) in which the two sections of great speed are alternated with other two sections, slow and maintain a good balance of the car, along with the control of the wear of the tires, will be critical. In engine.it will be able to follow live throughout the qualifying session.