F1: Mercedes dominates, but Vettel with Ferrari on the podium


In the first round of the 2015 season held today in Australia, Mercedes demonstrated its power with a solid 1-2 Hamilton and Rosberg. No But Ferrari demonstrated that has grown this season and Sebastian Vettel was able to sneak into the last step of the podium.


Vettel-Schwarzenegger M when he chose Fernando Alonso to quit Ferrari. His passing McLaren-Honda to this season could not have started worse, the team might just turn a few laps in preseason testing, suffered a still mysterious accident during the same, which led to lost the first round of the season .

To make matters worse, his place was taken by Sebastian Vettel , who today got placed in third position , behind Hamilton and Rosberg, although it should be recognize that 34 seconds from the tip. However there is no doubt that Ferrari has improved much this year, making trimming much unbeatable Mercedes Benz.

During the press conference held after the race, left little doubt that Mercedes is a kind of separate category, and that’s how Sebastian Vettel undertook rinsing. However today it has managed to place on the podium just behind the two pilots of the German team. Mercedes is the opponent to beat and the German driver promised to battle during this year.

Sebastian said took the car to the limit worse despite this distance was 34 seconds , which is far. Mercedes is the favorite but the German driver promised that Ferrari do everything possible to try to iron out the difference. We will have to watch closely this season, which promises epic battles between the men and the star of prancing horse .





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