F1 Monaco grand Prix To 2017: Results of classification

GP de Mónaco 2017 Hamilton

Second day in the Monaco GP F1 2017, this Saturday we have seen the first free practice session 3 and qualifying. The first one without too many surprises and the second one with some surprises as we now investigate. It seems that Ferrari has managed to improve the engine up to such a point that they have gotten a better motor than the Mercedes as I say many voices in the paddock, including the client’s own Haas. And not only that, the chassis also looks better than the Mercedes. Pedro de la Rosa has analyzed the cameras onboard and seen as the Mercedes is much more unstable in Monaco and Ferrari are going super fine.

Ferrari has the best car this year, who I was going to say, and it shows by the results achieved by their pilots. However, Mercedes has been known to fight and that will not steal too many points to have a world more tight until the end. In the Monaco GP have shown to be super strong to come out of Maranello and the Mercedes problems were encountered during every day since Thursday and even today. Kimi Räikkönen has done a few laps late very good today, and has won the pole position in the principality, his team-mate Vettel has made some mistakes that have cost the first position and will have to settle with second place. We will see tomorrow if Ferrari launches team orders to favour Vettel who is leading the world or not.

Red Bull en el GP de Mónaco 2017

In relation to Mercedes, some commented that its chassis, which is the longest of the grill I would hurt for the race in Monaco, where a more compact package could benefit in some ways. But you can not change once approved, and I don’t know if it was this specifically, or what, but it has cost them quite a bit. It only remains to wait for tomorrow what you can do because you have a complicated situation, Bottas has only been able to climb up to the 3rd square of the grill at the end of the qualifying session and Lewis Hamilton, who perhaps could have done a little more, it has been left out of Q3 by an accident of Vandoorne. Bad luck for the british today…

In terms of the other surprises, to say that Carlos Sainz Jr. has made a very good lap final and placed 6th. On the other hand, Red Bull have also been very high on this circuit in that it does not matter so much the engine. There was very little difference between each other, also due to the short length of the circuit. Verstappen and Ricciardo have been after the Ferrari and the Mercedes. Also surprising, the huge step taken by McLaren-Honda due to the characteristics of the circuit, where a good chassis and aerodynamics take precedence in front of the engine, another message to Honda. Both cars have been entered in Q3 and that there was Fernando Alonso who could have done a little more than 9th and 10th…

Results of the free 3

Position Pilot Time
1 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1’12″395
2 Kimi Räikkönen Ferrari 1’12″740
3 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1’12″830
4 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1’12″940
5 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1’13″230
6 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1’13″392
7 Carlos Sainz Jr. Toro Rosso 1’13″400
8 Danil Kvyat Toro Rosso 1’13″563
9 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1’13″596
10 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren-Honda 1’13″805
11 Sergio Perez Force India 1’13″936
12 Jenson Buttons McLaren-Honda 1’13″976
13 Felipe Massa Williams 1’14″072
14 Esteban Ocon Force India 1’14″072
15 Nico Hülkenberg Renault 1’14″283
16 Romain Grosjean Haas 1’14″547
17 Lance Stroll Williams 1’14″675
18 Jolyon Palmer Renault 1’15″164
19 Pascal Wehrlein Sauber 1’15″291
20 Marcus Ericsson Sauber 1’15″863

Results of the classification

Position Pilot Time
1 Kimi Räikkonen Ferrari 1’12″178
2 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1’12″221
3 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1’12″223
4 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1’12″496
5 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1’12″998
6 Carlos Sainz Jr. Toro Rosso 1’13″162
7 Sergio Perez Force India 1’13″329
8 Romain Grosjean Haas 1’13″349
9 Jenson Button McLaren-Honda 1’13″613
10 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren-Honda 1’13″249
11 Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso 1’13″516
12 Nico Hülkenberg Renault 1’13″628
13 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1’13″959
14 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1’14″106
15 Felipe Massa Williams 1’20″529
16 Esteban Ocon Force India 1’14″101
17 Jolyon Palmer Renault 1’14″696
18 Lance Stroll Williams 1’14″893
19 Pascal Wehrlein Sauber 1’15″159
20 Marcus Ericsson Sauber 1’15″276

*These are the last times set by the pilots, remember that the Button will go out last with a penalty of 15 posts…

I can only want that tomorrow to have fun with the race and that is interesting at a strategic level and to look at some hints and important struggles. Although the circuit is difficult to overtake and Pirelli with the hardness of its compounds nor been made easy in terms of degradation, since it seems that it might make the entire career with a single game ultrablandos. By the way, Alonso has got rid of a good one here, since that Button has been 9th, you will have to leave last to change the MGU-H and Turbo to detect problems in these mechanical units japanese. And of course, we also pay close attention to what you can make Fernando Alonso the other side of the pond in the Indy 500…