Fabike Cupra, creating emotions with two wheels and pedals

Cupra was made official as an independent brand of Seat on the last day of the last month of January, analyzing later what we could expect from the new brand and its strategies. Shortly after, the own Cupra made official its first model separate Seat, betting on the Cupra Ateca as the car rookie of the firm. Later will come new models, being the next, very probably, the Cupra Ibiza.

The case is that companies of this style, which derive from brands generalists, but are more focused toward sportiness or luxury, must be sold in a different way, making it much more emphasis in the brand image and style of life; strategies recognizable in, for example, Abarth, and DS, who have worked very well. The case is now Cupra presents us their second vehicle, to the surprise of many, only two narrow wheels and two pedals, the Fabike Cupra.

Say that this bike urban use allows you to live the brand style on two wheels. Fabike is a signature Italian bicycle that stands out for the manufacture of hand-their products, extracting the maximum technology of the materials used, the design and the advantages of a race bike high-end market it to the urban cyclists. Carbon fibre frame, hydraulic disc brakes and belt drive are some of the particularities of the Fabike Cupra which will be available at the end of this year.

The Fabike Cupra is one of the products not directly related to the primary purpose of the brand, which is to sell cars, and they try to create that image of the brand special beyond their own models. And you can be sure that they will reach many more in the coming months to expand their name, as they themselves have recently stated in a press release.

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