Facilities and prices of the Opel Grandland X

The Opel Grandland X is the bet of the signature of the beam to the complicated and packed segment of the compact SUVS, the C-SUV. Developed in collaboration with Peugeot before PSA happened to be the owner of the brand, the Opel Grandland X has no aesthetic similarities in their body with the Peugeot 3008 but, however, the platform and engines are shared.

This can be seen in the outer dimensions, therefore the width and the battle is exactly the same in the two models, by varying the length and the height very slightly. The Opel Grandland X measured 4,48 meters long, 1,84 wide and 1.64 metres high, with a wheelbase of 2,67. We already had the pleasure of meeting him static a few months ago, and now the brand is preparing for its arrival to the streets.


The Opel Grandland X is already available and we can set it up with two levels of equipment different. On one hand we have the finished Selective and on the other, the Excellence, which provides a greater aesthetic elegance as well as a equipment top. This is all the more remarkable that he offers us each one of them:

Opel Grandland X Selective

  • alloy Wheels in 17-inch
  • multimedia System R 4.0 IntelliLink
  • Climate control bizona
  • Detector of traffic signs
  • electric parking Brake
  • Opel OnStar

Opel Grandland X Excellence

  • alloy Wheels of 18 inches
  • Pack Visibility
  • opening System and keyless start with tailgate hands-free
  • parking Assistant with sensors front and rear
  • Alert dead angle
  • leather steering Wheel
  • Pack Versatility, with rear seats folding in a 60/40 split, center armrest and floor trunk with two heights

Engines Opel Grandland X

At least in the beginning of its commercialization, the Opel Grandland X is only available with two engines, a petrol and another diesel. There is No option of having all-wheel drive, but yes you can have the Grip Control system that will improve traction on the pavement sliding. Only diesel you can use an automatic transmission

Motor Power Couple mixed-use approved
Motor Power Couple mixed-use approved
1.6 CDTi 120 HP 300 Nm 4 l/100 km
1.2 Turbo 130 HP to 230 Nm 5.1 l/100 km

Prices Opel Grandland X

Motor Change Finish Price
Motor Change Finish Price
1.2 Turbo 130 HP Manual 6v Selective 25.100 €
1.6 CDTi 120 CV Manual 6v Selective 26.800 €
1.2 Turbo 130 HP Manual 6v Excellence 27.400 €
1.6 CDTi 120 CV Manual 6v Excellence 29.100 €
1.6 CDTi 120 CV Automatic 6v Excellence 30.700 €

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