FACONAUTO want to “end up with the old cars”


Copies such as this Chevrolet Kalos already have more than 10 years of age

This year is expected to end up with a million cars registered, a figure that does a lot of that is not seen in Spain. The market-leading 36 months of uninterrupted growth thanks, in part, to the Plan PIVE, which was introduced by the PP Government in its second year of the term. But upcoming elections, and FACONAUTO already prepares requests for the new executive.

Plan PIVE 8, as the benefits far fewer people than the previous editions, it will overrun budget and has been extended until July 31, 2016. According to FACONAUTO, will cause the demand added 18,000 units. That is a drop in the ocean to reduce the average age of the fleet of Spanish.

In 2012, the average age of the fleet was 10.3 years, last year was 11.4 years. The Plan PIVE has not withdrawn from the roads sufficient number of vehicles, and that which they used to give to achatarrar models with ages well above 10 years -the minimum is-. In 2002, the average age of the park was 7.6 years.


Reduce the age of the fleet is a process that takes years, and that the PIVE has not been achieved since 2012

FACONAUTO calls for a structural plan for “ending the old cars”, as he wants to end with a plague. Believe that in 2017 there will be more than 16 million cars greater than 10 years. It is a simple statistical effect, the market peaked in 2006 and 2007. To counter this you would have to enroll nearly three million new cars.

And is that owners of cars “so old” don’t change for two basic reasons, because you don’t need to, and because I can afford it. Or the two reasons. A car that has more than 10 years will not fall out necessarily to pieces, it all depends on the life and care that you have had. There are cars that are 10 years with look a lot better than cars contract hire enrolled three.

What incentive scheme can remove millions of cars from the roads? The only one that occurs to me is that the unemployment rate is lower than 20% and the Spanish, we can afford to change cars more often than now. The economic recovery has not reached all sectors, or a lot less. The stability of employment, nor.


The years of great sales of the past will accentuate the problem by a simple matter of arithmetic: more old cars, more old media

on The 20th of December, we have general elections, and it is an open question to know who will come to the Moncloa, and with what supports, because there will not be majorities absolute jerk. The resulting Government will need to make many reforms. The PIVE was a way of softening -in practice – the rise in VAT to 21% that was imposed by the economic powers external to our country.

Honestly, leave the one who comes out winner in the elections, I do not believe that any executive of new training goal enough money to withdraw from circulation millions of cars exceeding 10 years. What you can do is to encourage, to the extent possible, that the cars are better maintained, and so do not need to change them due to exhaustion or breakdown that is not worth repair.

The petition of FACONAUTO is neither reasonable, nor realistic. The different plans PIVE, although did not have a net spending for the State, have not eliminated the problem, I just have slowed down. When the economy gets better, as will dropping the age of the fleet. Until we get out of the recession, to say otherwise is a sin to have a basic knowledge of mathematics.