Fact or fiction? Two “men” bird flying over Dubai next to an Airbus A380

These days, we have been able to see a few pictures that, without exaggeration, could well be the most spectacular we’ve ever seen. And that is, I honestly do not remember many cases in which it has been able seen flying in formation with two men next to a plane. Plane which by the way is not an aircraft either, since it is impressive Airbus A380, the largest passenger plane in the world. It happened in Dubai these days, and although a priori may seem a simple installation done by computer, it is not. This stunt took place last October 13 and, as you will be imagining, it required months of preparation.

The “male” bird is launched from a helicopter at 1500 meters of altitude to be found with the Airbus A380 to 1,220 meters, and be placed in training.

The action, supported by the airline Emirates, which owns the Airbus A380 that participated in the feat, took place at 4,000 feet altitude, 1,220 meters in height. There was where they met, in formation, the Airbus and the two intrepid men bird,” equipped with a propulsion system and wings, after having been thrown from a helicopter more than 1,500 meters of height.

also managed to draw an image as spectacular as this while he flew over the famous man-made archipelago in the shape of palm tree, and the area of the Palm Jumeirah, with the Burj Khalifa in the background.

After a few minutes of video, and these spectacular images, hide, months of careful preparation.

The challenge that had been proposed had to prepare for three months, in which there were many computer simulations, as well as a close collaboration between the air traffic controllers, Airbus, Emirates and the operators of this kind of “jetpacks”, the most compact in the world. During this preparation had to be analysed with great care any contingency possible, as well as to request the corresponding permission of the authorities of air traffic, to avoid that the feat could end in tragedy.

Finally, on the 12th of October took place the first flight of recognition and essay, in which we tested the various formations they had planned. In the video you can perfectly see that we are not talking only of getting to pair to the Airbus A380 with these two men flying, but running multiple formations, and to go from one side to the other of the plane.

on The 13th of October was to take place finally the shooting of this video that Emirates has made available to the public these days.

Source: Emirates
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