Fair play for all: the Ford Mondeo debuts finish ST-Line

Ford, on the occasion of the Festival of Speed Goodwood, presents to us the ST for the Ford Mondeo, a line that, as you may have imagined, is in charge of bring out the sporty side of Ford Mondeo to hit new aesthetic details and enhancements, and slight nuances in making his point.

After introducing us to the finish ST-Line for the Ford Fiesta and the Ford Focus will turn to the Mondeo:

The list of changes introduced passes by a new grille, new daytime running lights and antinieblas, a new front splitter and a new finish for the rear bumper as well as a new fixture to the exhaust outlet. Framing the windows appears a new trim finished in black, and in the case of equipping this package in the vehicle you can choose also a new spoiler (the family walks series).

In its interior appear a few sports seats with red stitching, a new flier and new moldings for the thresholds of the doors.

in Addition we come across with some new tires and a sport suspension that lowers the set into 10 mm

This line of equipment is associated with the motor 2.0 TDCI of 150 and 180 hp, both with manual shift mode as automatic. In addition, we must not lose sight that Ford has presented also the finish of the ST-Line for the Ford Fiesta and the Ford Focus (see finish ST-Line for the Ford Fiesta and the Ford Focus).


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