Falls a part in the Rally of Sweden


Sébastien Ogier sleeps leader after the first stage of the Rally Sweden, although the French and the rest of the pilots did not know the end of the day today how many sections were in front. The second meeting held between the teams, the suppliers of tires, the developer of the test, and the FIA has resulted in the cancellation of a new section, leaving in 12 of 21 the special challenge. Specifically, the decision has been to cancel the SS20, the second pass through ‘Lesjöfors’. The conditions of segment southern-most of the ones that are left to play, they were not the most appropriate.

despite living a day with an amount of snow and ice is acceptable, especially in the sections on the territory of Norwegian, what is certain is that the situation has neither been, nor is it easy. In fact, according to reports ‘Autosport’, the pilots have tried to ‘boycott’ not to dispute the SS2, the stretch that less snow was. Although everyone has finished play by this section for the denial of Paddon and have received two new rubbers for safety reasons between the SS2 and SS3, the discomfort has been palpable. The riders were able to compete with the feeling of not being consulted in important decisions.

With these feelings he has known the cancellation of the SS20, a decision that was within the normal as the first pass ‘Lesjöfors’ had already been cancelled. In this way, the day of the Sunday is reduced to a single segment, the Power Stage. With six flights ahead, what is clear is that Ogier will not forget this test easily. The French has been the protagonist of a few controversial statements, a ‘boycott’ which has remained in caught and for being ‘caught’ by the Swedish police travelling at 120 km/h in a zone restricted to 80. The offense will be fine and there will be no withdrawal of the card.