Faraday Future: come Out to the light of his debts and his true relationship with LeEco


Teaser of the model that FF will present at CES 2017.

Much and bad they are talking about Faraday’s Future these past few months. Even now, it finally seems that they are going to present their first model (exactly the same as a year ago) the amount of negative information that we receive from the company far exceeds the exaggerated advocacy that are making the model, with practically one or two teasers per week since about a month ago it.

recent reports seem to indicate that the situation of the company is deteriorating instead of improving, and just this morning we despertábamos with the news that your debts are beginning to see the light, and has already accumulated two claims of providers in the u.s. courts.

on the one hand, the manufacturer of components and seats Futuris has claimed in court debts by a value that exceeds $ 10 million, while a company called Beim Maple Properties claims little more than $ 100,000 in respect of the rental of a warehouse.


One of the teasers which seems to show that we will not see the final model at CES.

According to these companies, the response of Faraday to the Future at all times has been the to be waiting for the money to arrive from China. Money that what we see is not finished there yet, like the deposits that should make the construction company responsible for the construction of its factory, work stopped for weeks.

The symptoms on the ailing financial status of the company are already too many to be able to expect something positive in the next presentation in the CES 2017 Las Vegas. Where unfortunately we hope to meet again a concept, in place of the vehicle production definite that the company has promised twice already.

Every day that passes, a new news from Faraday’s Future seems to surprise us more than the previous. News that come from the environment of the company, or from anonymous sources of the same, while the firm is limited to throw more and more teasers of their “splendid model,” which ultimately is able to beat a Tesla or a Ferrari in a drag race -according to one of their recent teasers, which we have not yet published because not have revealed the video to the full – without that there is a single answer or explanation to such controversy board.


Since October we only have teasers of the model, but zero statements.

One of the last explosive statements of former employees of the firm has to do with the project twin of Faraday in China, LeEco. Employees that because of what we have been able to know, have left the company in herd, since they are multiple casualties suffered these past few months.

These have been revealed to american media Faraday operates basically as a mere branch of LeEco, although this is not proof that it is developing nothing, since we now know that the prototype presented last spring, was the work actually of Faraday, and what is worse, the range of functionalities of driving autonomous, showed in his presentation were false.

According to BuzzFeed News, sources close to Faraday Future revealed that the model was an “urgent work” that arrived from China in December of 2015, applying a prototype that you can show in your presentation in the spring. So in a few months, the employees of Faraday, who already have an arduous task ahead to be able to launch its electric model, had charge of the creation of that prototype, that in the spring of 2016 was announced as the first functional prototype of the new chinese company LeEco. The LeSee, an electrical model and autonomous, but in reality was operated in secret from racks with a remote control.


Jia Yueting proud next to the course autonomous vehicle developed in China.

be certain these statements, the scenario we would draw is very disheartening, and unfortunately they have all the paints to be so, since no one until now had been understood as able to invest in two similar projects in two different continents under two new different brands to make two different products but share a common technology that is not available and therefore needs to be developed for both models. It was just spent twice the money on the same thing.

in Addition, the same sources claim that Faraday has not received any type of payment for those services. LeEco commissioned the manufacturing of the fake autonomous car, the LeSee, in record time and, therefore, delaying even more the own projects of Faraday, but this has not seen any type of remuneration. Quite the contrary, it seems that from China has not reached the capital expected at all times.

The responsible of the Treasury of the state of Nevada, the main detractors of the project from its inception, have already qualified to the company of simple thymus. Faraday’s Future has been the beneficiary of tax credits by an amount of 335 million dollars, which were granted without knowing the state of the finances of the company and what is worse, against the opinion of the Department of the Treasury of the state, which has been requested, no response yet, the usual business plan of the brand.