Faraday Future FF91 is the swan song of the brand?

Faraday Future FF91

Fraday Future could become the new Tesla Motors if things will go as they have thought. Their business approach and product is very similar to that of the enterprise of Elon Musk, but it seems that this new signature things are not proving so easy as to the Silicon Valley. The other day I we reported that the firm could go away in February of this year if the presentation of its first model at CES in Las Vegas was not attractive to customers and potential investors.

well, the wait is over because last night was held the event in which Faraday’s Future has been presented at CES in Las Vegas your first car. The FF91 is the first vehicle of the street of the brand, and as you can see in the pictures oozes originality and futuristic design for each of its panels. Your way has to offer (in theory) a livability more than good for your measures in addition to an impressive mark on the road.

Faraday Future FF91 frontal

The event was led by Nick Sampson, vice president of R+D+i and engineering Faraday’s Future. During the course of the presentation never made mention of the delicate situation that is living the brand, and the only thing that is has been highlighted are the benefits of your model. According to its creators the FF91 has a battery of 130 kWh that will provide the vehicle a autonomy between recharges of about 600 kilometers or 378 miles according to the standard of the EPA.

in Addition, according to Pete Savagian, vice president of propulsion engineering of the signature, the FF91 will have a maximum power for fast charging of 200 kW. Another of the new details and innovative FF91 is that will incorporate the FFID or System Identification Faraday Future. With it the driver can configure to your liking the vehicle and through a series of codes and systems to move your configuration to other vehicles of the brand.

All of this technology still has no price defined, but on the website of the firm, you can register to reserve one of the FF91 to be released to manufacturing in brief. If we are not in a hurry to have the vehicle reservation is free, but if your in a hurry and we are compelled, by a reserve of $ 5,000 we are one of the 300 units special edition FF91S Alliance Edition that will come in 2018.

Be to see just how this adventure and if they can finally realize all the work that you are doing. We hope that the FF91 is not the swan song of Faraday Future.

Source – Faraday Future

Faraday Future FF91 lateral
Faraday Future FF91 trasera
Faraday Future FF91 frontal
Faraday Future FF91