Faraday Future, for now, to freeze the plant that was going to lift in Nevada

Faraday Future presents itself to the world as the brand revelation in the automotive sector. According to its directors, this firm goes above and beyond Tesla Motors (his great rival) because they are able to offer a sporty design to the height of what your customers search for. This brand of capital chino carries a one year announcing that it would conduct an investment of billions of dollars to build a factory of 30 acres in Nevada united States.

From their production lines should come out to seven different models, which, in turn, would all be derivatives of the FF91 Concept. To do this, it would take the same platform of this model and combine the four electric motors that has to offer powers from 263 hp to the 1,050 hp, front-wheel drive or full, and a range between recharges of at least 600 kilometers.

however, it seems that the year 2017 has not come with good standing for the signature. As reported by several media your financial situation is not to throw rockets and therefore would have been delayed, somewhat, by their plans. One of them is the construction of its new plant. This information has been confirmed by their leaders, although they also have reported that the situation for now is in stand-by, and the property of the estate where will rise the plant are still listed among its assets.

The solution that have been taken to raise liquidity and improve your financial situation goes through the sale of its headquarters in Silicon Valley. This complex does not know his valuation, or how much money they will be asking for him, but surely it does help to alleviate the problems they have with their main investor. For now, LeEco has frozen $ 182 million in assets and shares with a value of 2,300 million dollars.

Will have to see if the solution that takes Faraday Future to fix this problem, helps them to survive, because otherwise very hard to meet your goals.

Source – Faraday Future

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