Faraday Future: Paralyzed the construction of its factory and new brain drain


The new factory of FF stopped nothing more to start the works.

After discovering it was just a few weeks the problems and delays in agreed deposits with one of the construction companies, finally, it has stopped the construction of the mammoth new factory in Faraday’s Future in Nevada.

In October, we knew that the company had not made against the agreed payments with the company in charge of nearly half of the budget of the new facility, amounts which in no case exceeded 30 million dollars and which were intended to serve as a deposit to ensure payments to suppliers and subcontracted companies of the companies responsible for the work, valued at about 1,000 million dollars.

last week the founder of LeTV and, in principle, Faraday’s Future, Jia Yueting revealed that in a memo addressed to its employees to the serious lack of liquidity of the company. Due to the uncontrolled spending policy of the last few months, among which is included the strange duplicity of large projects, such as the FF, which runs parallel to another seemingly identical that is developing in China, LeEco, and which has already announced partnerships with companies such as Aston Martin.


Teaser of the first model of the brand.

The information about the current situation is uncertain. Responsible of the construction company concerned, AECOM, declared to Jalopnik just that Faraday Future is “setting the agenda” construction of the factory and that the work will resume at the beginning of 2017, without specifying further. Today, the only jobs made have been of earth movements and preparation for the footings, so that we are still in a very early stage the lifting of the facilities.

The silence of the mysterious company that claims to “change the concept of the car” and that just a few days ago announced that they were going to “reinvent the wheel” makes us wonder what it is that we’re really going to find us in the next edition of the Consumer Electronic Show Las Vegas, moment chosen by the brand to present its true first model.

In that same scenario took place which until now has been the biggest missteps in the media of the company, when they presented the esperpéntico FFZERO1. A concept is not functional, a simple mock-up of a model who really have no intentions of making instead of the model of actual production that had been announced a long time ago.


The FFZERO1, which only served to present the design language of the firm.

In this last year, since the submission of the FFZERO1, there have been few figures that have fallen of the stage. In the first place, the engineer in charge of the batteries, and intellectual property owner of such a technology in addition. To which are added the numerous desertions of the past few months, with up to six high charges that they have “decided to seek new horizons away from FF.

Among which we find the very Financial Director, David Wisneiski or the maximum responsible of strategy of product and public relations department, Robert Filipovic, and Stacy Morris.

The future looks increasingly black for a company that precisely
has not failed to raise doubts and suspicions about its origins, and that
until now, the only thing that seems to have done is to cause holders
many times negative.