Faraday Future: Peter Savagian will be at the forefront of its propulsion system

Farady Future FFZERO1

Farady Future FFZERO1, a concept end of the electric vehicle presented at CES 2016.

just a few days Ago we did echo a few spy pictures of very interesting in which we could appreciate the enigmatic mule testing Faraday’s Future. The company called to be an alternative to Tesla Motors has chosen a Lincoln MKZ “pre-restyling” as a basis for the development of what will be his first production vehicle. Well, today, we echo a story that comes to ratify the project of the first electric car of Faraday Future in a good way.

In particular, we need to highlight the incorporation of Peter Savagian the team of development of the electric propulsion system that will be used by the first production model of Faraday’s Future. It is possible that the name of Savagian you are familiar. And it is logical, as it is well known within the automotive sector by having worked for General Motors and to be at the forefront of their electrical propulsion systems.

The project first production model of Faraday Future would be ready to make her debut in society at some point in the year 2018. In addition, the incorporation of Peter Savagian we should add that to the agreement signed with Dragon Racing Team, one of the teams that participate in the Formula E. it Is hoped that with such collaboration, Faraday Future can speed up the process of vehicle development.

As we say, Peter Savagian joins the company of recent creation its more than 14 years of experience to the front of the electrical division of General Motors. And although it is not yet clear of the actual role that will play Savagian in Faraday’s Future, it is clear that his experience and knowledge will be directly employed in the development of the electric propulsion system.

The details on the expected production model are rather scarce. Recall that during the CES 2016 of principles was presented to the FFZERO1, a concept of extreme design powered by four electric motors capable of delivering a power of over 1,000 horsepower and can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3 seconds and reach a top speed of 320 km/h.

such prototype will be joined by another new, more rational, and that will serve to preview first production model. This new concept will be presented at the next CES. Will be mounted on the platform VPA Faraday’s Future, the architecture that the company used on all its models.