Faraday Future rents an old plant in California for the production of the FF91


New render of the new installations in California.

After discovering that Faraday Future left definitively the project of construcciónde the megafactoría of Nevada, the brand has revealed a render of the new facilities being developed by the company to accommodate the production of the new FF91, for the moment, the only model that the company has been recognized to be developing.

This image corresponds with the facilities that the company has had to hire in California, in the town of Hanford, an old factory which was the property of Pirelli and where the Italian group produced tires. This plant will now be converted to transform it into the production chain of the future FF91, a model that by the latest declarations of the mark will not come until the end of 2018.

According to the declaration of the company itself, this movement “brand another important step forward for the company in the delivery of its first production vehicle, the FF 91, the market at the end of 2018.”


Old render of the projected plant in Nevada.

At a glance shows the evident difference in size of these new facilities with respect to the megafactoría, whose budget was valued at 1,000 million dollars, which the company had projected in the state of Nevada, and whose work never really got started. When the company awarded the contract for the works received the first unpaid and had to be stopped the works, the only thing that was done was the initial movement of land, so that the construction as such never came to begin with.

today the company has confirmed that the project of the factory was really a error, which must not have sat too well with the authorities of Nevada, that will granted a huge loan of 300 million dollars precisely to the construction of such a factory. And you more than likely will not be built in the short or medium term.

The project of the new plant in Faraday’s Future is under the management of Dag Reckhorn, the vice president of global production of FF. According to the press release, employees of FF are already in the facility initiating the clean-up tasks prior to the preparation of the production chain.