Faraday Future reveals the front of your new crossover


New teaser reveals the front.

Faraday Future reveals new teaser of its first model, soon to be presented in the Consumer Electronic Show las Vegas the next January 3, 2017. This should be the first production model of the brand, announced for 2017 but that hardly will hit the streets next year.

which was intended to be the launch of the year, for reasons purely technological, it is becoming a week-to-week in one of the biggest blunders business of the last few years.

As we have already commented on some other occasion, FF is in a time extremely delicate. The work of his megafactoría is stopped, its founder has claimed do not have the money, many employees in positions of responsibility have abandoned the project (including the responsible engineer and patent holder of the technology of the batteries) and the responsible of the Treasury of the state of Nevada accuse them of being mere scammers.


The new crossover, still camouflaged.

For the moment, it seems that in the CES 2017, we will find , his new and true first model, since the FFZERO 1 was just a mockup that did not show anything, although we wonder what it is that we will see them in Vegas in just a few weeks.

In principle, the model is cut crossover and should point to the current Model X Tesla, however, there are no reports about its technology or technical scheme reliable. The figure of autonomy should be relatively high, around 500 miles, thanks to a battery of 98 kWh, the higher density of the market.

you Might have all-wheel drive thanks to a configuration of three engines, which is rumored could be installed on the wheels, thanks to a mysterious teaser preview of the brand.


Up to now we have only vito small snippets of information.

however, the only thing certain is that we only know that it will be a vehicle-body crossover, with a front quite sharp for suggesting the new teaser. That has a stylized set of LED lights that runs across the whole front. By the looks of it, it also has a logo backlit in the front grille, which frame is composed by the forms of their own emblem.

Everything is pending to the next presentation in the CES 2017, where we will see if we meet the expectations and really the technical section is the height, if it is shown a production vehicle and not a mere concept. As stated, a former employee of FF to the american press recently, if the presentation in the CES 2017 goes wrong, we can forget this mysterious and enigmatic project.