Faraday Future tab to Ulrich Kranz, a former engineer of BMW

Lately say much, but the automotive industry is one of the most competitive of the industry. If a brand does not invest in research will not have technology and if you lack this asset intangible their possibilities to fight with success against its rivals is reduced to a minimum. This situation is well known by the managers of the large groups of automobile, but not all of them are running the same way.

today, the brands that invest in this area of the business are Tesla Motors, Toyota and BMW. The other groups occupy positions more discrete, but high enough to keep fighting to sell more cars than anyone else. For this reason, the signatures of new creation and technological base, and electrical are making strategic moves, the less curious (always have been made in the industry, but with more concealment).

As if of the Professional Football League (which is so in vogue these days) is involved, in the automotive sector also made signings stars. The last that has been made has been that of the former engineer of division i of BMW’s Ulrich Kranz. The brand of cars that has led to this engineer has not been another china Faraday Future.

This firm needs to have among their engineers, someone with talent and ability enough to to create the technology needed to fight with guarantees of success against BMW or Tesla Motors. Kranz, that was only to the front of the division i BMW 30 days is justified by saying that is passionate about the challenges and issues of work no matter you run certain risks if the project you offer is challenging enough for him.

The position you have been offered in Faraday’s Future is that of Chief Technology. With this role should focus all their efforts on to achieve the SUV FF91 get to the stage of production in time and date provided. For this to become a reality will have to fight against the financial problems that suffers Faraday’s Future, and its main shareholder, tycoon chinese Jia Yueting (CEO and founder of LeEco).

soon, so its factory in Nevada as part of the operations are frozen for lack of funds. Will have to see if the arrival of Kranz encourages investors and Faraday Future achieves its objectives. Time to time.

Source – Faraday Future

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