Faraday Future: The true number of their bookings and the meaning of their names


the arrival of The FF91 does not seem to have calmed the waters.

the presentation of The FF91 at CES seems to have brought a pause in the constant drip of news and negative reports from Faraday’s Future. Until the first week of January, practically were to journal some type of report or filtration that gave us some new data, to the point that by not saturating our cover with this type of information began to espaciarla and to offer it clustered every few days.

Since the futuristic FF91 out unveiled at the CES we saw everything a rosary of criticism of some specialists, both in the project as a vehicle in itself, and we also met the launch of a new executive, although this really had been a few hours of presentation in Las Vegas we did not know about it until after the show.

a small thing in comparison with the rate of negative reports that we have seen in the last few months of 2016.


The FF91 for the moment remains a futuristic prototype.

The Public Relations department of Faraday also had a lot of work the days of the CES, trying to dazzle the journalists of the most important media with dynamic testing of the vehicle – on a closed site in the CES – and trumpeting the tremendous number of bookings that had been obtained online, in the first 36 hours after the presentation, more than 60,000 customers.

however, this apparent calm informative is just that, apparent. In the last few days multiple internal sources have revealed to the media american the recklessness, structural and economic domestic. According to Business Insider, FF operates daily with only 10 per cent of the capital needed each month. That is to say, their structure, and their work far exceeds their true economic capacity, confirming that the actual size of the hole that is presumed to be at the end of 2016 is correct, $ 300 million and increasing.

According to these sources, in the context of company-internal you fight a daily battle between the way of thinking and working of the owner, Yia Jueting and the company itself. Their presence in the united States – moved to personally oversee the operations to the end of the year – it seems not to have clarified the waters and the money is still not getting.


In theory, more than 60,000 customers booked a FF91 nothing more to be presented.

In the same way, the own show of the CES was intended more to attract investors to show the vehicle to the public and the media. According to a source close to the situation, if between February and may of this year there are no new investors, the suppliers themselves will be able to cause the bankruptcy of the company.

This seems to show that the money has always been “held in China” is not going to arrive never, although for FF is very complicated to get investors, since all of the patents and innovations of the brand does not belong to FF or to LeEco, its parent, china (at this stage it is already clear that FF operates as a simple subsidiary of LeEco, which confirm many internal sources) but a third company of the Cayman Islands, a tax haven.

In the case of bankruptcy, the nearly 1,000 employees of FF in the united States – according to the company the total to 1,400, but only 1,000 of work in the US – not only would be on the street, but that all the technology and patents developed does not form part of the assets of the company. Making it all a trap to the future investors.


Their price, place of manufacture and date of arrival remains a mystery.

One of the most interesting details that have come to light is the number of real reservations that has taken the company, which boasted more than 60,000 online reservations in the first hours after the event. Of all of them, the vast majority are of low priority, that is to say, are people who plain and simple agreed to the corporate website and got a few data, without making the appropriate payment to actually booking the vehicle.

The reserves that are formalised with the payment of $ 5,000, are considered by the company as priority bookings, and in total, only 60 were made. Speaking in percentages, only the one per thousand or the 0.1 percent of those reserves are real, the rest of those figures, more than 60,000 we can consider as a simple list of newsletter.

it Only remains to wait for the evolution of the company itself, that sure to announce all out every success or new step given by, and in the same way, as a project that is under close surveillance of the local media and the department of the Treasury Nevada, you will have a quick coverage, as in the case of any new traspiés.



System of nomenclature employed by FF.

One of the things most curious also is found in the CES was the meaning of the acronyms in the model, FF91. As you can see in the picture is not a random sequence of letters and numbers. The letters FF are evidently the initials of the company, while the numbers represent the range and the model.

In this case, 9 means that we are before the segment or the higher range (numbering from 1 to 9) and the 1 just means that it is the first model released of this range, so that we can understand that of all the different models that FF intends to launch, the FF91 would be the model positioned higher.

likewise also explains the name of the prototype presented at CES 2016, the FFZERO 1, we can summarize as FF01. Being a prototype that will never see reflected in a production vehicle and the first presented the brand, the 01 was the correct designation, the first model in a range that does not exist nor ever will be. And also of course to FF a serious problem with Pirelli, who used the name ZERO in several of their products.