Faraday Future we anticipate its first model with an interesting video

Faraday Future teaser

Faraday Future last the development of its first electric car. It will be a crossover.

These last few weeks are still very blur on what to present relating to Faraday Future and your first vehicle. The company born in order to compete with Tesla Motors (this is not the first brand created with such a goal) still working on their first model. An electric car we don’t know his name but, thanks to various spy photos and information that has been revealing the own brand (with eyedropper) we are clearing all the issues.

The first production vehicle of Faraday’s Future will be a crossover and will come to rival the Tesla Model X. A model powered by a propulsion system 100% electric mounted on the platform VPA that the company has developed for all models that will develop in the future. By the time your design is an open question, although the “start-up” based in California, warns that will have the features of sedan and SUV. A kind of cocktail between the two.

If a few days Faraday Future confirmed that “unveil the future” at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) next year, today, we show a first advance in video your first model. This is the first time that the brand of recent creation offers us the possibility of seeing this new power in movement. In the title of the video makes a nod to your mechanics, ask if you can’t hear the engine.

Faraday Future teaser

Faraday Future wants to compete with Tesla Motors for a site in the sector of the electric car.

One of the aspects more secrets about this crossover is the package of batteries that you will use as well as their autonomy. Being in front of an electric vehicle, it is a crucial point that many are waiting to know. There is data that point to a battery pack of 98 kWh that would give a autonomy of close to 500 kilometers. A figure more than acceptable taking into account the new releases that are coming to the sector of the electric car.

The first model of Faraday’s Future will be produced in the factory of the company is building in Nevada (united States). However, recently my colleague Sergio echoed a information that puts into serious doubt the deadlines that you are setting the mark for the launch of this electric crossover. The company responsible for the construction of its mega factory of Las Vegas has announced that Faraday Future has not complied with the first payments expected, dropping the possibility of stopping the works if you do not fix this situation as soon as possible.

┬┐in Jeopardy is the launch of the crossover Faraday’s Future? at this point the progress of the project I don’t think that is going to be in water of borage. However, if it paralyzes the construction of the said factory, it is very possible that it delayed the launch of this electric vehicle beyond the year 2018. As well we said previously, the mark has planned a surprise for the CES 2017 the next month of January. A surprise that could be the production model or a prototype very close to the commercial version.

Faraday Future shows us a preview on video of its first model. What we will see at CES 2017.