Faraday’s Future: an Analysis of the year of chaos before their presentation at CES 2017


The first model of FF will be presented in the CES 2017, a year after the FFZERO 1.

Today is day zero, at the Consumer Electronics Show in las Vegas will take place the most expected presentation of the first real model of Faraday’s Future, the not yet baptized crossover all-electric it should in theory change the concept of car, going a step beyond that the own references of the market, both in electrical technology as well as in terms of driving autonomously.

Or at least that is what they have promised from the beginning the people of FF, from which were to be released by the end of 2015 have not slackened in its efforts to raise expectation on the project.

since then, however, all of the reports that have come from the environment of the company have been negative, and from before you even submit anything, all the american media have coincided in defining the company with an adjective is very clear: mysterious.


First teasers of the brand. published in 2015.

During 2015 the company is made with hundreds of specialized professionals of other brands, with names like Nick Sampson of Tesla or Richard Kim, a leading player in the design of the range i BMW. However, despite the fact that the brand boasted significantly both of the wonderful technology that was under development as of the figures that constituted his template, from the beginning there was an obvious lack of visible structure on which he had been created.

From the first time it was an animal without a head, not only had the CEO, something unthinkable in a large company, but that nor even knew for sure the identity of its owner, although all the spotlights pointed from the beginning to Jia Yueting, the chinese businessman of LeTV, which has always been presented as a mere investor, being known some co-founders, like Nick Sampson.

After many promises of revolutionize the paradigm of the vehicle-driver, with a system that not only pilotaría autonomously but would learn the tastes and habits of its owner, the time came to unveil its first model at CES 2016, which eventually would be his first fiasco public.


The FFZERO 1 concept, the first failure FF.

Although it was expected the usual concept initial, due to the intense previous statements of the brand around the world expected to discover a advancement of the technology and the models promised, that in theory it would be a authentic game-changer. However, a few hours before the presentation they filtered the first images of the FFZERO 1, or better said, a simple model (is not functional) that was presented as the more radical alternative that could be created with the modular platform – until now it is believed that it will be very similar to the one used by Tesla – on that will be based all their models.

The show was deplorable, and the journalists who came to Las Vegas expecting to encounter a vehicle that promised to the impact that resulted in the iPhone in the world of mobile technology and found a model that didn’t bother to install the mechanical platform that is supposed to be available. And what was worse, the brand was not afraid to recognize that the FFZERO 1 not accounted for, nor anticipated any model that was developing.

The anger of some of the journalists present was monumental and there expressed their dissatisfaction with the presenters of the event, among whom were Sampson, co-founder of FF, and Kim, head of design of the brand. The tough interview of Matt Burns (Tech Crunh) to Sampson after the presentation is priceless.

At that time, it was weeks that I knew that the signature had been obtained the 335 million in tax credits of the State of Nevada, and that shortly they would begin the works of the huge factory where you would begin production in 2017.

however, the failure of CES 2016 would be a mere anecdote with what was going to happen throughout the year 2016, in which we have not attended a single report positive coming from the company.

From statements of the responsible of the Treasury of Nevada that claimed they already suspected of the company at its inception and that now defined as merely a “pyramid” scheme to statements from multiple employees who have fled the company, alleging that on the inner level there is chaos and that all the engineering work that is being carried out is overshadowed by the financial problems of the mark, and so on, until a long etcetera, that we summarize in the table siguiente.

November 2015 First announcements and media interviews
December 2015 project Announcement of the megafactoría in Nevada
December 2015 Confirmed 335 million in tax credits in Nevada
January 2016 First teasers prior to CES 2016, with the silhouette of a crossover
January 2016 (CES) After filtration online presentation of the FFZERO 1 at CES 2016
February 2016 The responsible of the Treasury in Nevada expressed its first concerns for the company
February 2016 Aston Martin announces agreement with LeTV, the company Yueting for the manufacture of the RapidE in China.
February 2016 The Guardian published the first statements of a former executive who claims that the person responsible and the owner of the patent of the batteries has left the company, adding that FF has no car functional, although they planned to have it for the CES and therefore improvised the FFZERO 1 at the last moment, with a cost of $ 2 million.
March 2016 First patent known Faraday’s Future, a power inverter.
April 2016 First image of the platform of the brand in a teaser
April 2016 California offers the FF incentives for settling in that state.
April 2016 Three months after the initial date, begins the construction of the futuristic factory
April 2016 LeEco presents the LeSee, with the vehicle going “alone” to the stage.
May 2016 FF opens new facility in Vallejo, California.
June 2016 California grants license to test autonomous vehicles on the open road.
July 2016 FF sponsors the team Dragon Racing Formula E.
July 2016 Joins Jin Won Kim, Head of Design for Toyota, and Marco Mattiacci, former-Ferrari.
August 2016 spy Photos show the first prototype camouflaged FF
October 2016 Begins to rumorearse the chance to see the first real model at CES 2017
October 2016 The first reports on the defaults with the companies that build the factory in Nevada.
October 2016 Comes to the light, the departure of various employees and key executives and continue to the statements which demonstrate the internal chaos.
November 2016 Jia Yueting admits in a memo that their business growth has exceeded its economic capacity.
November 2016 stops the construction of the factory. Officially, only being delayed a few months.
November 2016 The responsible of the Treasury of Nevada declares that FF is merely a scam and that the company has no money, in addition, it is revealed that the Treasure requested by the business plan of the company when you applied for the tax credits, but it never came to that institution.
November 2016 More statements of former employees reveal the lack of money and organization within the company.
December 2016 First teasers of the crossover that we will see at CES 2017, publication of a series of videos of the model in drag races with other models, on a track that it subsequently discovers suspiciously short.
December 2016 it Is confirmed that the State of Nevada approved the 335 million in credit controlthem without that the Treasury Department might review the finances of the company. The act which was passed this measure cost $ 250,000 to Nevada.
December 2016 Come the first lawsuits of suppliers of FF to the courts
December 2016 Statements of former employees reveal that the prototype LeSee was manufactured by FF in less than 3 months, the work was never paid from China and the alleged independent abilities of the model are false, I being controlled by remote control.
December 2016 More statements of former employees reveal details of the internal chaos and the company has spent months delaying and impagando the invoices of suppliers, with the response that “the money is retained in China”, money that never comes.
December 2016 The first response of FF to the media reach on twitter, accusing them of publishing negative press deliberately.
December 2016 Framework Matiacci leaves Faraday Future.
December 2016 Is discovered for the first time to someone who occupies the post of CEO in FF, Ding Lei, which is precisely when this leaves the post, just a few days after they have taken it from LeEco, and a few days before the CES 2017.
December 2016 filtered reports which reveal that Jia Yueting moved to the U.S. to direct the operations of Faraday Future.
December 2016 LeEco inaugurates the construction of your megafactoría in China without having the appropriate permissions to manufacture cars, and with its CEO in the US, taking charge of FF.
January 2017 Presentation scheduled for CES 2017.

But things were complicated, and twisted even more when the course owner and founder of FF, Jia Yueting, not only did not come out in defense of the brand when the problems began to pile up, but that presented with the same hype a second project identical in China, LeEco, which in the spring had the LeSee, an electric vehicle autonomous that we now know that was not developed in China, but in charge to hurry on to FF – work that is known thanks to a number of statements that was never paid for – with the objective of presenting the project LeEco, despite the enormous expectation generated by Yueting don’t really know anything and that in addition it aims, according to statements of internal sources, deceived all the world presenting a false autonomous functions of the model, and that really was being directed by remote control.

In theory LeEco was a great project that even was announced by Aston Martin as partner for manufacturing in China, the RapidE, the electric version of the Rapide that was presented by the british brand at the beginning of 2016.

so far, little or nothing is known of the structure and equipment real LeEco in China. Whose latest news has been that it began construction of a megafactoría in China, even bigger than the FF in Nevada, despite not even counting with the appropriate permissions to manufacture cars. Something that is essential in that country and that according to all the local media is a move very risky.


Jia Yueting in the presentation of the LeSee, announced as developed by LeEco but really made in a hurry by FF.

In the last few weeks, the negative reports about FF only have been on the rise, since the early withdrawal of his move star, Marco Mattiacci from Ferrari, until the appearance of the first debts in the courts, not to mention that for the first time, we discovered someone who had the position of CEO in the company, although only what we arrived to know precisely when he was resigning the post and left the boat. This was a newcomer to FF from LeEco, and held the position on an interim basis.

Morning mark finally will face the media and will be unveiled in the celebrated model, of which we have hardly been able to see any suspicious teaser and some images to the light. Today is the day Faraday’s Future, the day that or start the project or start the countdown to your demise.