Faraday’s Future: capital chinese in Silicon Valley to give life to the new Tesla Motors

Everyone wants to be Tesla. Manufacturers with a history of many decades in the automotive industry promise to be Tesla. Manufacturers newborns that promise to be Tesla. Faraday Future wants to get away from that sentence, because the fact of wanting to look at you in the mirror of a manufacturer that has triumphed with a bet as risky as this, it is. But how you can avoid it don’t compare with Tesla when a good part of your team comes from this brand and plan to launch a range of electric vehicles, very technological, and with a high degree of connectivity? No, you can’t avoid it.

Faraday’s Future has found its best brains in experts who had important responsibilities in Tesla Motors, the development of the Model S and the BMW i3 and BMW i8.

Faraday Future just to settle in California and you submit your bet by the car technology of the future. It does so under the protection of the capital Jia Yueting, a tycoon chinese who is also the founder and CEO of one of the largest entertainment groups and media in China. What does carrying under his arm 1.000 million dollars will be invested in the construction of a factory in the united States (Bloomberg).

And does so with a team of 400 employees, to the end of the year to reach 500, among which we find a selection of experts who had great responsibilities in Tesla, and even in the electrical section BMW i of the German manufacturer.


  • On your own web page, Faraday Future we already expected some of his signings star:

    • Nick Sampson, Senior VP: he was the director of engineering and chassis of Tesla Motors.
    • Dag Reckhorn: he was director of production of the Tesla Model S.
    • Alan Cherry: he was the director of human resources of Tesla Motors.
    • Tom Wessner: he was sales director of Tesla Motors.
    • Richard Kim, the design: was a member of BMW i and responsible for the design of the prototype i3 and i8.

    Meanwhile, Faraday Future anticipates your vision of the car passes a product highly technological, engaged with the energy challenges of the future, permanently connected and in line with the lifestyle needs of new customers.

    Source: Faraday Future
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