Faraday’s Future could disappear next February

Faraday Future FFZERO1

If Tesla Motors and things will go from luxury (inside of what it is to be a company of recent creation) Faraday Future it seems that did not go as well as they would have liked when you started this journey the past year 2014. A month ago I we reported that they had stopped temporarily for the construction of its factory for a few problems in the payments to the constructor.

lack of liquidity of the firm has forced the plans to reach the market have been braking, however it seems that these problems instead of decreasing they are growing. According to several sources (Buzzfeed News, Jalopnik and The Verge) the economic problems of the brand are drowning and if you do not manage to solve for February of next year they would be forced to to close down its activities without, however, managed to put a car on the market.

Faraday Future FFZERO1

date and quote that have been marked in Faraday’s Future is the CES in Las Vegas the next February. In this event, the firm will have to give to meet their future electric car smart and this presentation will be the litmus test to know the reaction of the public. If the reception of of the public is not very heated the financial support of Jia Yueting may be removed.

today the debts of the firm amounted to several million dollars, and each day that passes does not stop growing. Without the necessary financial support the disappearance of Faraday’s Future is guaranteed in a very high percentage, as the brand is only a name because the rights on your industrial property fall on another company FF Cayman Global which has its headquarters in the Cayman Islands (a dubious source).

Be that as it may, ambitious plans Faraday’s Future can give to the fret with no does not meet with what was promised or at least that the customers and public to see a firm commitment on the part of the firm. In February (if not before) there will be more.

Source – Buzzfeed News