Faraday’s Future ensures that we will begin the production of the FF91 in August


The new Faraday Future FF91.

The project Faraday Future continues to generate news, although in the last few months it seems that they want to change direction in what refers to the information generated, although, as has been usual in these few years that it has been operating the company, the mid-year is always when the company seems to disappear from the map.

FF has released a new video recently, in which you can see, at the end, that have started the works of refurbishment of the factory that they have acquired in Hanford, California, and that has been months abandoned. In these installations is where in theory it should start the production of the brand, although the reports that come from the brand are quite contradictory in this respect.

If a few weeks ago FF was confirming that this year (at the end) would begin the manufacture of the FF91, although with just a couple of units (yes, only two), now it turns out that the brand announced in August that it will begin production of its first electric model.


aerial Image of the new factory of the company.

we don’t know what can mean this new announcement of start of production of the FF91, because without more data we can take as much of it as the true start of the production or just as the beginning of the work of pre-production. Which would be more logical considering that the factory is not ready really.

In fact, although the video has been around for a few days, what is certain is that can only be seen preliminary work and is very complicated to think that these facilities will be completed and further operative, in only a few months. Knowing the history of the company we don’t be surprised if this were a new mash of the brand.

Recently, FF was a conference in its current facilities for the future suppliers of the company, the 2018 Global Suppliers Summit, which had the aim of bringing the project to their future suppliers, so that, basically, trust in the company and pay to work with them.