Faraday’s Future: faster than the Model S Ludicrous Mode in a new video


The last teaser of FF.

CES 2017 opens its doors next week and all the spotlights are aiming at the presentation of the first model of Faraday’s Future, which will be revealed to the world for the first time in the event of Las Vegas.

The strategy of FF has been clear in these previous days, ignore the countless negative reports that have appeared in the last few weeks and concentrate on the avalanche of teasers, with which they have bombarded the media as he approached the date of presentation at the CES 2017. For this occasion, FF was kept in the sleeve a new video of a drag race, but this time against the Model S P100D, the model most capable of all the catalogue of Tesla.

Held on the same track as the previous video where we saw the prototype beat in duel with various vehicles, among them a Model X and a Ferrari 488 GTB. The Tesla Model S P100D employed the famous Ludicrous Mode, however, the prototype of FF seems to whisk you without difficulty. Advisable to remember that the Model S P100D is able to reach 100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds.

This series of videos seem to be very revealing with respect to the features of the new crossover from Tesla, however, as everything that comes to us of this mysterious start-up, does not leave of being free of controversy.

When were revealed the first videos of these drag races, some u.s. media – familiar with the track that appears in the pictures – point out that the races had been conducted without employing the full size of the track, but a simple fraction of its straight path. That is to say, instead of using the usual distances of fourth-or eighth-of a mile (about 400 or 200 meters approx.) for the test, employed only the final stretch of the track of 200 meters, which in total should not exceed 80 metres.

The reason that the brand you used such a short distance for the acceleration test is a mystery. What is for sure is that the vehicles should not go too fast when they came to the finish line. It is estimated that could be around 100 km/h.

What is clear in the videos is that the vehicles take the exit away from the actual output of the track, and in an area where they were just the posters side that we can find in the side, in the analysis done by Techspot is clearly seen.

What we can find at CES 2017?

That is the question that is being asked all the media to this day. by the time we know that we will see the prototype without camouflage – given the case that really come to the CES, and present the car – and this will have an image that makes us suspect that either we are faced with a mere concept or with a vehicle pre-production, very close to the reality. But almost certainly, it will not be the vehicle one hundred percent definitive.

In the own social networks of the brand, this would reply to the comments of the users with phrases such as “we Plan to reveal our first production model as soon as possible,
however, the quality and safety remain our highest priorities.”
A speech that sounds like that does not seem to close the arrival of the final model.


Lay silhouette of the FF in one of the last teasers.

What really worries is not the appearance or the technology of the model, unfortunately. But the explanations will give the mark to the avalanche of problems that have appeared in recent months. From runaways of staff, including the heads of the areas of marketing and commercial some days ago, to the disqualifications that come from the Department of the Treasury of the State of Nevada, who accuses them of being mere con-artists.

For the moment, we have already summarized in sufficient detail the countless economic problems and image of the brand, so that we look forward to the time of the presentation of the new model and possible explanations will give the mark in Las Vegas. And know in the end the result of the enormous work done by the huge team of people in the found, which still includes some important names of the industry.