Faraday’s Future is facing a possible strike in the construction of your factory


Rendering of the new factory Las Vegas.

Faraday’s Future is back in the news money problems. The company in charge of building the giant factory that the brand new plans in Nevada has threatened to paralyse the works due to a delay in the payment of the new brand of electric vehicles.

The building in question, AECOM, which has hired about half of the 1,000 million of the total budget of the new factory futuristic FF, is claiming a deposit is not paid by FF $ 21 million in September. Payment had to be preceded by another tank 25.3 billion in October, which has not been performed, and a next payment of 11.8 million scheduled for November.

These were deposits agreed between both companies to be able to start the work of construction of the facilities, and were intended as a guarantee to service providers and enterprises subcontracted by AECOM for this project.


The range of FF will include several electric models.

The builder, for the moment, it has been limited to claim these amounts to Faraday’s Future by letter, urging the brand to get the current payment in a within 10 days. In the opposite case, the companies involved in the construction of new facilities FF stifle the work.

According to a spokesperson for FF, “The commercial relationship between Faraday Future and AECOM is strong and we remain committed to the construction of our factory of the future in north Las Vegas”, pointing out that they are already working to to solve the problem as soon as possible, mentioning also that at no time be allowed to halt the works.

For the moment, the project of construction of the factory is still in its early stages, and it is not expected that the works of laying of foundations and erecting the building will begin within a few months. Delays at such an early stage of the project it would be fatal to the plans of the brand, which aims to manufacture its entire range in the new factory of Las Vegas.


The FFZERO 1 concept.

This is not the first time appear negative reports about the financial capacity of Faraday’s Future, already in his day, the same authorities of Nevada have approved incentives valued at $ 215 million to keep the factory of the brand in the state, asked repeatedly for financial reporting to the new company.

In brief is presented which should be the first real vehicle of FF, of which we have already shown you some spy photos, after
the fiasco of the presentation of the FFZERO 1, a prototype is not functional
1,000 horses, that had as its only aim to show a bit of metal
to be able to get a few photos. What enraged the press
american in its time, because the expectations raised by the
brand were estratosféricamente high, which were not met with
a simple mock-up of something that will not make ever.