Faraday’s Future: New teaser that seems to confirm that at CES we’ll just see a concept


Teaser above that showed us the front of the model.

Shortly after unveiling its latest teaser, Faraday’s Future has posted two new images of the model will present the next January 3 in the CES 2017 Las Vegas, and materialize what we think we see in these images the brand could have a host very hard in Las Vegas.

In one of the new images shows a perspective rear part of the rear and what appears to be a side camera where it should be installed with the outside rearview. Elements that do appear clearly in the prototype camouflaged protagonist of one of the first videos that the brand launched recently by way of a teaser, which seems to confirm that at CES we will not see the production version, but a simple concept.

If the american press is disliked with the company after the presentation of the FFZERO 1 in the last edition of the CES, since the brand presented a simple model of something that is not even intended to build in place of the promised vehicle final, for this edition 2017 is expected the arrival of the true model, which should enter in production precisely in 2017.


Fragment of the video teaser of the model, with their exterior mirrors.

the arrival of a concept could be a drubbing in the media for a company that right now is immersed in multiple problems, as we have already seen in depth in the last few days.

For the moment we can not say anything outright, because there are several possibilities. On the one hand, the brand could anticipate a model very similar to the final version, which would not be strange, as it is usual maneuver for many brands, and on the other, nothing precludes the firm was able to present a concept in addition to the series model. Even though this is currently quite unlikely.

This new image, attached to the front revealed a few days ago, we draw a concept of soft and sharp lines, with eye-catching play of light both at the rear as in the front area, where we can see how they used the emblem of the brand as the reason of design to make a frame, backlit in both cases. What induces to think that we are not speaking of a vehicle for the production of conventional, but of a concept.


New teaser, showing a sensor concealed.

Arrived on the 3rd of January, if the firm does not present something that is at the very least
next to the final model, the welcome will be as little
cold and negative
, the last thing that needs your signature on these moments.
Since that spectacular concepts salon, which is then not realized
in all, they submitted to dozens each year, and FF need urgently
show physically something of validity and credibility
to the project.