Farewell to the heat! Chevrolet prevent your smartphone from overheating in the car

The modern smartphones are beasts of technology, processing capabilities that exceed those of personal computers a few years ago. With no systems heat dissipation usually very hot if we are charging or much we demand processor, for example, when use as a browser GPS [1.99901 million] or in hot environments. To avoid this problem in the first world, Chevrolet directs conditioning their cars to a space under the center console, specially authorized for your phone.

could not miss a “marketiniano” name. Active Cooling Phone

is really a very clever idea, and I’m surprised it has not happened before to any other manufacturer. Chevrolet and marketing department are exploiting the invention conveniently, that’s also true. The space under the console in the Impala, Malibu, Volt and Cruze – all of them MY2016 [1.99901 million] – Signature wireless recharging system battery of our smartphones. Wireless charging is available on devices like the latest Google Nexus or Samsung Galaxy S6, without going any further.

On long trips, if we use the browser or mobile as we took all the time charging, we can compromise their safety in the long term. With caloret If overheated too many mobile enter safe mode and reduce performance, sometimes turning them into a piece of plastic inoperable. To solve this problem the above cars have Additional cooling output – a slot rather, is small – it impacts directly against our smartphone


Thus, while we have activated the car air conditioning, you will receive a beneficial steady stream of cold air . This bonus is available only associated with vehicles equipped mobile wireless charging. I feel that both technologies could come soon to Europe, especially at a time when the car infotainment revolves around our smartphone. Yes, use MirrorLink or Android Auto / Car Play Apple also our phone systems overheat .

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Source: Chevrolet
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