Farmkhana: a Ferrari F40 and a farm-in format gymkhana [video]

To “Tax the Rich” is going of the hands. A few weeks ago was a Ferrari F50 towing a wakeboarder on a british channel. Before, it was drifting on grass with a Rolls-Royce Wraith. These well-heeled like to “give the cane” to their cars and what you bring to us in your last video is a Farmkhana, as your title reads. A simple game of words in which combines the word farm with gymkhana. The protagonist is a beautiful Ferrari F40 GT, a legend of the competition, even with its colors of yesteryear. Go and see.

Prepared by Michelotto in the late 80’s, and with a power output of almost 600 HP, is even more unique than a F40 conventional. The gymkhana which is subjected to this supercar of the old school is sencillita, but it has crumb. No one without hands is able to control a car, so in low gears. It is tricky to get to dance between the cones, without fear of damaging your wheels or your paint, and since then leaving him lost of mud. Few would dare to do something like that with a supercar valued at seven figures.

But I guess the guys from Tax the Rich are not rich either.

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