Fast charging batteries from the hand of Samsung


To this day, one of the large ballasts for the autonomous vehicles, in addition to the lack of facilities to charge the batteries, it is the time it takes to complete the load of the same.

it is therefore a pleasant surprise what he has shown us Samsung SDI, the subsidiary of the Korean giant responsible for the manufacture of batteries for their products. This time it is a battery oriented to electric vehicles, whose major attraction is the fast charge to 80% of the total battery in just 20 minutes.

The capacity of the battery charged at full allows for a autonomy to the vehicle of about 600 kilometers, for which a charge to 80% would give the vehicle a more than respectable autonomy. This ability would be thanks to, which would be composed of 24 cells with a capacity of 6-8 kilowatt-hours, doubling the number of cells to the batteries current.

These batteries would enter into production for the year 2021, while it may seem like a date far away, they would be ready for when the number of electric cars on the roads may be more significant

With this breakthrough it seems that this subsidiary of Samsung tries to redeem himself after causing failures very talked-about in the company with some batteries “incendiary” installed in some of their latest models of mobile.