Fast & Furious 8: Don Omar confirmed his participation in the film

Don Omar en Fast & Furious

Don Omar and play the role of Rico Santos in Fast & Furious.

William Omar Landrón Rivera, known worldwide under the artistic name of Don Omar, has confirmed through its official account of Instagram that will participate in the filming of Fast & Furious 8. In the absence of a little more than half a year for the premiere of the eighth film of the known film saga, they are still revealing the names of the actors that will be present in it.

is not Really a novelty to talk about that Don Omar is going to have a role in the eighth installment of Fast & Furious. And is that in previous installments of the saga the singer has already played the role of Rico Santos, inseparable companion of Leo, a role that embodied the singer Tego Calderón, also a puerto rican.

For the moment, what little we can confirm about the role that Don Omar will be in Fast & Furious 8, is that will return and incarnate Rico Santos. In addition, we must remember that in the last film of the saga in which the actor did such a role, the history of the character was left open after making a significant bet in a casino in Monaco. how to Lose all the fortune stolen from the drug lord in Brazil? Hopefully know the answer.

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After the confirmation by the artist himself of his participation in the film, we can say that Don Omar will share scenes on the big screen next to the other actors we already know who will be in Fast & Furious 8. A cast headed by, among others, Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, Tyrese Gibson, Michelle Rodriguez, Helen Mirren and Charlize Theron.

Other details to take into account Fast & Furious 8 is shot in different locations like the city of New York, Cuba, or even in places as inhospitable as Iceland. During the movie, we will be able to see cars of all types, from supercars exclusive to conceptual models such as the Nissan IDx Nismo.

In regards to date of premiere of Fast & Furious 8, still attached to the April 14, 2017. The eighth film of the saga will be the first of a “trilogy” with Vin Diesel confirmed will put an end to the saga that in Spain know as “full-Gas”, let’s hope that is at the height of previous releases.

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