Fast & Furious 8, shot in Cuba with this great atmosphere (video)

Fast & Furious 8 Cuba

Still needs to Fast & Furious 8, the eighth film of the saga, hits theaters April 14, 2017. In spite of this, constantly we have news of some progress in the filming or the cast. A month ago that we learned that Charlize Theron is joining the team of Fast & Furious 8 as the bad very bad, while today we see in a video good environment with which the filming is taking place in Cuba, where there are also moments for the actors of the cast to have fun.

Cuba and its capital Havana will be one of the main scenarios of the eighth film of Fast & Furious, which also starts a new trilogy that will end the famous saga. Fast & Furious 8 will make history by being the first film in hollywood was filmed in Cuba after the improvement of relations between the caribbean country and the united States.

The shooting of Fast & Furious 8 on the streets of Havana has been welcomed so warmly and with enthusiasm by the locals, which they see as their city will be one of the main stages of the races and pursuits most spectacular of this new film directed by F. Gary Gray. The atmosphere of The streets of havana, difficult to recreate according to the direct the film, and classic cars americans will be without doubt the protagonists in a good part of the movie.

Fast & Furious 8 will be followed by two more films, that with years of advance, even have a release date. The ninth movie of the saga A todo gas we will see in the cinemas April 19, 2019, while the April 2, 2021 will be the time of the tenth and last film, closing the trilogy that starts now with Fast 8 and putting an end to the 20 years of this saga that saw his first movie in 2001.