Fast & Furious 8, we will show you new videos of the filming

The filming of the new installment of the saga ‘Fast & Furious’ continues to be unstoppable. If not long ago we show you a “behind the scenes” the shooting of All Gas 8 in Cuba, today we bring to you a whole series of new videos in the shooting of the film, and in which we can see the trend that will continue this new installment of the film after the successful seventh installment in the, let’s remember, one of the main elements of that which was delivered was the challenge of completing the filming after the death of Paul Walker.

But, back to Fast & Furious 8, in these videos we bring you can view well locations different. From a landscape is bleak and ice-Iceland to other scenes in the middle of the city with explosions and the now usual combination of sports, high-end along with models of the most rude and aggressive. We can say that it will keep the line followed to date and that so good results has given the franchise starring Vin Diesel.

Recently we also learned that actress Charlize Theron has joined the cast of Fast & Furious 8, and although we do not know what the outcome will be, will the role of the villain of the film. Yes, it is not the first time Theron has played roles of a woman to take up arms. Proof of this was his performance in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’. To it we must add again the appearance of Dwayne Johnson, better known as “The Rock”. And along with them, actors as usual deals earlier.

on the other hand, and in terms of the location of the film, the greater part of the same will take place in New York city. The truth is that I’m eager to see how they have played with that “jungle of cement and concrete” which is the city of New York. I am sure that the great skyscrapers and the avenues of the call capital city we will enjoy in front of the big screen.

¿When is premiere of Fast & Furious 8? Because, if there is no delay last time, we will be able to enjoy this new installment of the saga in the Spanish cinemas the April 14, 2017. In addition, we already know that the ninth installment hit theaters two years later, in 2019.