Fast Nein: The Fast and The Fuehrer, the bizarre sequel To All Gas you’ll ever see in cinemas

few days Ago we talked to you about Lay It Down, an insufferable copy in tones heralds of the saga A todo Gas (The Fast and The Furious. The film of which I speak today, lets Lay It Down on the floor, his title is “Fast Nein: The Fast and The Fuehrer”. Unfortunately, ever you will see it in the cinema, since your script is the project’s amateur Jordan Vandina, a scriptwriter, satirical american. But this script is so descacharrante as real, by mixing the characters of All Gas, Adolf Hitler, and Donald Trump. Oh Madonna!

In this link you can read the complete script (in English) of Fast Nein: The Fast & The Fuehrer. There is No waste.

The argument is quite strange, but its end could be summed up in that the characters of All Gas manage to stop the attacks of September 11, 2001, traveling in time. It is thanks to these trips in the time that Dom Toretto must confront Adolf Hitler himself in a race called “The Master Race”, a word game that plays with the homonymy of race and race – in the English language. Brian O’conner infiltrates in the Chancellery, Nazi and Ludacris travels to the age of the dinosaurs, among other things.

fast-neinDonald Trump, The Expendable or the Doctor Emmett Brown from Back to the Future make cameos in the “movie”. If you have time, read the script and pegaros some good laughs. This crazy idea that Jordan Vandina has no possibility to be carried out, and the writer is surprised you have not been contacted by the lawyers of Universal Pictures. Has launched a campaign on Indiegogo to get the $ 100 million it would take to produce the film, without any hope that the fun.

you May not get anywhere, but an indie project type “Kung Fury” with this argument would be amazing.

Source: The Drive
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