“Faster Wasp”: the program Yard Built Yamaha continues to leave us with real wonders

Roland Sands Design has been the last coach to join the program customization Yard Built Yamaha, a program that seeks to offer spectacular creations that have impact later on the client with new accessories to customize their mounts, but… what he has prepared for Roland Sands Design?

Inspired by the TZ750 Kenny Roberts

Roland Sands has chosen for this new creation, the classic finish yellow used by Yamaha in old models of competition, combining in its design the spirit tracker classic with a part cycle that betrays its modern origin.

The fuel tank is new bill, the tail fairing, air intakes, fairing radiator… Roland Sands has left its stamp even on the caps loss in the tank cap or the cap on.

Dubbed “Faster Wasp” we find that under these strokes of yellow hides the mechanics of three in-line cylinders and 850cc Yamaha MT-09, a model that originally develops a power of 115 horses with a torque of 87.5 Nm but that has been properly dressed for the occasion with lots of new parts like new exhaust system.

The cycle also features new elements such as wheels (accompanied by Dunlop tires), new brakes, a new handlebar Renthal, a suspension signed by Öhlins…


A spectacular tracker, following the tradition of the program Yard Built, will soon result in a customization kit Roland Sands for your bike.

Gallery of images of the Yamaha prepared by Roland Sands for the program Yard Built: