Fatality at the Nürburgring: a crash of a Honda Civic ended with two people killed and three wounded

speed entails risks, and at times, in the worst cases, can lead to fatal accidents. The circuits are the safest places to ride a sporty with great speed, to bring a car to its limit safely, legally, and without endangering other drivers. But even in these conditions, relative to control, there are risks. What we see every time a rider suffers an accident and, unfortunately, we have seen it again in a fatal accident suffered by a Honda Civic at Nürburgring in the who have died two people, the driver and his passenger, and have been wounded three other people.

As indicated in Bridge to Gantry, a Honda Civic of the nineties was involved in an accident in which the car struck from the side, suffering serious damage as a result ended up with the life of the pilot and his passenger, his partner. In TF1 the point that both were French.

The accident occurred during a session, to call it somehow, of open doors, during the touristenfahrten in which fans of the driving circuit that flock to the Nürburgring acquire turns to ride their cars, or rent a car.

Two fatalities, three injuries after the gruesome crash at Nurburgring: An… https://t.co/ZmKOhvxIhG #Autos #Car #Trucks pic.twitter.com/hdcI55q91Q

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why the accident occurred at the Nürburgring this weekend?

Respect the flags on the circuit is crucial, and if these are not implemented or are ignored, the consequences can be fatal.

This accident reminds us, once more, the importance of respecting the flags in the circuit, and how critical is the work of a commissioner of track. Apparently, a vehicle accident, that required the intervention of the commissioners of track, and deploy yellow flags. The driver of the Honda Civic came to this section, before the milestone of 12 kilometer, in the section Kesselchen, at high speed, without noticing, or ignoring (yet we should be cautious with this matter), the yellow flags.

To be found with the incident on the track, the driver of the Honda Civic failed to maintain control of your car, suffering a spectacular accident that also injured three other people, including two members of the assistance circuit, which apparently would not have suffered, luckily, serious injuries (SWR.de). In the pictures subsequent to the accident, see how the Opel Zafira of the attendances suffered a good blow on the tailgate.

For now this is all that we know. And even without that you have confirmed all the details of the accident, I sincerely believe that it is a good time to remember the importance of respecting the flags, by the severity of an accident, and even more so how vulnerable are the commissioners and the attendance of emergency when you have to jump to the track to attend to a vehicle.