Father’s day: 5 gifts for petrolheads

on The 19th of March, father’s day, it is the ideal time to demonstrate to our husband or parent the love and respect that we feel for him, a person who had to sell his two-seater cabrio to buy an SUV with ISOFIX to be able to install a child car seat of the baby.

Although the above case is fictional (or not, who knows) and it does not correspond with the reality; if it is true that our parents need a lot of effort, dedication, and respect. That’s why, if you are a true petrolhead will be happy with any of these 5 ideas racing that I propose.

Race Car Baby Spoon


For parents newly constructed, built of wood and color “red racing” comes to us from Germany this spoon-shaped racing car with which we can initiate our children into the world of four wheels, but providing them with a good diet. Its price is 18,70 $ (about 16,60 euros) and can be found on this page of baby items.

Candle with the scent of engine two-stroke


If you like the engine, it is more than likely to enjoy any perception of this by using our senses. Waking up to the smell we find these sails of the Flying Tiger Motorcycles that use the aroma oil in two-stroke engine as an intense fragrance with which to invade the space where they turn on by a price of 20 dollars (a bit less than 18 euros).

Matador Surface


Although we hope that is not fulfilled the name of this object, those dads more hands who like to “throw the gauntlet” to the mechanics of their vehicles are out of luck with this blanket, waterproof. The Matador Surface offers a surface on which to place ourselves while we perform maintenance or repair in our car, motorcycle or other vehicle without relying or soiling directly to the soil and protecting the tools. In addition, it is folding up to the size of the palm of your hand and offers few extras, such as a small tray to put screws or a bottle opener, knowing that it is okay to take a snack between bolt and screw. Its price, something less than $ 60 (about 53 euros).

SeatRack Charge Rack


For the more hands that need to transport some objects of a certain length in the vehicle and do not have (or want to have) baca slides on the outer reaches of the system fastening inside of SeatRack that allows you to replace the heads of the seats on the right side of the vehicle by these brackets with fixing supporting up to 22 Kg of weight. Its price, $ 130 (about 115 euros).

Vintage Driver Chrono Watch


Inspired by motor racing classical (ahi colors in their straps as the Gulf or Martini, for example) comes this watch Straton Watch Co. in quartz with stainless steel case and front glass sapphire crystal waterproof up to 100 meters of depth and a vintage look to the watch lovers and the car will not be able to stop to escape if you want to be a Gentleman Drivers for a price of 369 $ (328 euros).

And if none of these os’s have been convinced, perhaps our last list of Valentine Gifts to be something perfectly valid.