FCA and Marchionne would not see with bad eyes a possible merger with GM


Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA) and Sergio Marchionne is to write a few books. Before that Chrysler LLC would in bankruptcy was like crazy looking for partners for the Italian group and now that is already one of the ten largest manufacturers of cars in the world continues with its quest to grow and reduce costs development and infrastructure. In this search for partners has pointed to all over the world and now it seems that it would repeat an old mess of skirts that don’t went well at all.

a few years Ago, General Motors and Fiat S. p. a., we decided to get married to live a life together, however, the divorce came a lot sooner than we expected. The problem is that they were married in regime of community property, and when he had to deliver the goods some had won and others had blanched. Be that as it may, everything seemed forgotten at this point, but the Auto Detroit Show has served the great Sergio Marchionne to say that would not rule out a possible new merging with General Motors.


as he said this, the journalists were excited but Marchionne clarified swift and fast that now there is no type of conversation with the american giant. In addition, it also clarified to say that he is the partner that best (by size and structure) will be coming to FCA to create a super group but to day of today at General Motors, are not interested form an alliance of this kind as clarified by Tony Cervone, one of the spokespersons of GM in Detroit.

To end also uttered that even up to Donald Trump could give his blessing to this hypothetical marriage, although as a whole is a hypothesis, nor are we talking about a palpable reality. What yes, said Sergio Marchionne is that they are currently working day and night to improve the financial situation of the group and to achieve the financial objectives that had been set out for this five-year period.

With this want to reduce to the minimum possible the large debt that has the group. According to Marchionne “We are the only car manufacturer with a high ratio of debt,” added that “want to get rid of it as soon as possible”. I hope it succeeds.

Source – Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA)