FCA and Waymo (Google) are already proving their Chrysler Pacifica autonomous

FCA Waymo (Google) Chrysler Pacifiica

The Group Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA) and Waymo (a company created by Google for the development of their autonomous cars) have very advanced their collaboration. If the other day I we reported that through the creation of this society is adelantarían the work on the autonomous car of both firms already have the first external image of the model that will give shape to this program.

Chrysler Pacifica is the vehicle that has replaced the stroke of a pen the previous Chrysler Town & Country and thanks to its modern platform and the possibility to mount a mechanical hybrid has been selected to host inside all the technological burden that will give life to this autonomous car. This great monovolúmen stands as the car with more advanced technology the Group has FCA to the sale in the united States.

Nuevo FCA Chrysler Pacifica 2017

Another of the reasons that have been given to the executives of Google and FCA to justify the choice of this model is that they understand that autonomous cars must compete against the public transport instead of to focus in this competition with private vehicles. In addition, we also have alluded to the practical reasons and accessibility thanks to its generous size, the people can be accommodated much better in its interior, and its interior has more room to integrate all of the technology that it employs.

This is the first of the 100 units of the Chrysler Pacifica that are going to use to perform the tests validation of the technology autonomous from Google. have chosen the version with a mechanical hybrid of this minivan. The Pacifica Hybrid used motor 3.6 V6 Pentastar 287 HP associated with an automatic gearbox nine speeds. In addition, it is supported by two electric motors and thanks to a lithium ion battery of 16 kWh will be able to go 48 miles in zero emissions.

To finish both Google as FCA are putting pressure before the authorities of the united States to the rules on this type of vehicles to be more homogeneous. In addition, they are also requesting that the requirement that there is that these vehicles have a steering wheel and foot pedal brake is removed. Lack by confirm when they will begin tests in an official manner, but having the car ready and should not be delayed much more time.

Source – Techc Runch