FCA announces the arrival of two new petrol engines

Fiat Panda 2017The sector of the car every day is more competitive and the smaller the segment in which we move the harder it becomes. He knows well the Group Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA), the queen of the segment in Europe and many countries around the world. One of the most complex aspects to the brands is the development of mechanical efficient enough so that their models comply with the emission regulations of the countries in which they are sold.

FCA is one of the most important groups in Brazil and to continue on the path do not leave to bet, by improving your range of models and engines. In this case it is the turn of two new engines gasoline known by the brand FireFly. The displacement of these mechanics will be of 1.0 and 1.3-liter, and their power shall be for aspiration. According to the FCA these mechanics will start their marketing in Brazil and then will come to other markets, among them the European.

Fiat 500S 2016 vista frontalWhen you get these mechanics to Europe Fiat may jubilee with the indestructible 1.2-liter 69-hp and 1.4 litres 95 hp Fire that are currently in the range of the Italian manufacturer. These mechanics can be found in the openings of the Panda, 500 or the new Type. Are not the most frugal on the market but its reliability and toughness makes them very valid.

The new mechanical FireFly are made in aluminum and possess an architecture modular that allows them to share a large number of components. These engines feature two valves cylinder with synchronization variable of its elevation and close. Are united with a system Start&Stop and have a alternator smart that allows you to recharge the battery in stages deceleration. With these systems in these small engines comply with current anti-pollution Euro 6.

These mechanics are staggered in two different strengths. The youngest with 1.0 litre in the front 72 hp (3 more than the previous 1.2) and maximum torque is situated in 102 Nm at 3.250 rpm. In the case of motorization 1.3-liter, the power is increased until the 101 hp (6 more than the previous 1.4), with its maximum torque of 134 Nm at 3,500 rpm.

Source – FCA

Motor FireFly 1.0
FCA FireFly 1.3

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