FCA continues to seek new partners to continue growing

FCA LogoWhen Fiat Società per Azioni (S. p. A) was walking alone by the automotive sector was one of the groups car more reduced sector. Thanks to the good economic situation that lived and revolts that were the things in the bosom of Chrysler LLC Group was able to buy it at a cost that is very advantageous to grow in size and become a group with greater strength and global presence.

Of this acquisition to the american emerged the current Fiat Chrysler Automobile. Its size is much larger, of which they had both separately, but their importance is still in the background. To change this and to be able to increase your dominion over the sector of the car FCA still needs to grow both in sales as in internal economies of scale. This is why Sergio Marchionne, CEO of FCA is still to the search for a new partner with which to develop new technologies.

Dodge Dart GT

Dodge Dart GT

Currently FCA is growing in most of the markets in which it is present. However in the united States are living the opposite situation. In this market they have two products that do not work despite being two products which are very much valid. Both the Dodge Dart as the Chrysler 200 are two sedans stockings with designs, qualities, ranges, and mechanical technologies tailored to the selling of its rivals, however their level of sales does not correspond with the of them.

This situation to the fact that your death is scheduled for early next year. The problem is that there is predefined a substitute, and also you know very well how they will replace both models. FCA has concentrated all its investments in the development of the platform rear-wheel-drive Alfa Romeo so for now you do not see a need to invest to create a platform of traction at the front axle to the american market.

In statements to analysts Sergio Marchionne said they still looking for a cost-effective solution to replace the up to now not very successful Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200. He also said that he would like to find another car manufacturer to build their passenger cars front-wheel-drive are destined for the u.s. market. Meanwhile, FCA is going to focus its efforts on increasing the production of Jeep to meet the growing demand.

Source – Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA)