FCA could copy the formula of the Tesla Model 3 if it were profitable

Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3 surprised the whole world at its launch by the strong impact and success you’re having, with a few 400,000 units reserved until the time. This has led to not only the potential customers pay attention to the american brand, but also some manufacturers prestigious follow them closely. So he used to say Sergio Marchionne in a statement recently.

The CEO of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), follows closely the footsteps of the Tesla Model 3 and he said to not be surprised by the high number of orders. He added that what is difficult is to come and now they “have to manufacture them, deliver them and see if it is profitable”. The management was skeptical about the benefits that they were going to get with the new electric vehicle, since its retail price is only $ 35,000.

tesla-model-3-5Marchionne even threw a fantastic to own Elon Musk, “if you can show me that the vehicle is going to be profitable at that price, I copy the formula, we will add an Italian design and I will bring them to the market in 12 months”. I must say that the Italian is not very fan of electric vehicles. This has been for the bad experience you have had FCA with the Fiat 500e in the united States.

The small electric sold very few units and Marchione even came to say to the people that don’t buy it, because with every vehicle lost about $ 14,000. No wonder his reluctance to rely on this type of car. Despite this, it was recently presented the Chrysler Pacifica, the new generation of what before was the Voyager and that will have a hybrid version plug-in with 48 miles of electric range.

Source – Automotive News Europe